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Hey, A Plus Concrete LLC!

This is Eric with Steady Calls!

I wanted to shoot this quick video to show you how to maximize your results from your Google My Business Listing.

First, we're going to talk about how your business shows up in a normal Google Listing.

Then, move on to how your business search results show up around town the entire Knoxville, Tennessee area.

And then, how the top competition changes or compares to your results all throughout town.

So, let's get into it!

You can find a normal Google My Business Listing through a basic Google search here. I've typed in "Concrete Services Near Me," one of the top collection of keywords or phrases that Google sees based on some statistics. You can imagine if someone needs concrete services done, they'll go to Google to find someone in their area.

I kind of tacked on this Knoxville, Tennessee because I'm actually in Iowa so this is a locational tag. If you were in Knoxville, you wouldn't need to take this on. In order to get this list of businesses, I want to draw your attention to a couple things on this view. First, we have a couple ads.

These Google pushes to the front because their paid traffic ads get about 5 to 10 maybe 15% of the traffic. And what I mean by traffic, you can think of it like foot traffic or people who are seeing your sign. Either, at your place of business or on your truck throughout the neighborhood.

In this case, web traffic would be people who are actively looking for the services that you provide. They're trying to get a number to call or an email to submit a request for a quote or bid on the job. And ultimately, to purchase conquered services, whether that's driveways, sidewalks, patios, you name it so that would be the add section. 

The next portion I want to draw your attention to is what's called the Map Pack. And that's these top three Google My Business Listing and they're kind of arranged with a nice visual, so you can see, okay? How close are they to my specific neighborhood? And these top three get about 60 to 70% of the traffic.

Again, that's people who are looking for a phone number to call. The map pack makes it very easy for them to call directly from Google with this map pack. Well, first, we'll mention that the rest of that traffic that comes to a Google search goes to these organic results.

These would be companies that have been around websites, that have been around for a long time, that have a lot of the keywords that connect with what people are searching. Google knows that these are relevant to the search, but they try to push the ads first, just to get some of those that paid revenue. 

And then, they'll push some very hyper local. This is really what people are looking for is that phone number. Here, you can also see reviews to get a sense of if, you know? You might go with somebody with more five star reviews, but you can also take a look and say "Okay! Sequatchie here has 23 total reviews and this is only one!"

There's some more credibility there, so depending on the person who's looking. They can make that choice here. I want to point your attention to this button here. These top three are what we call above the fold. You can think of the fold concept as, you know? I get a lot of kind of spam mail.

In order to filter through to see what's relevant even if I have to open up the envelope, you know? I'm not going to unfold everything if I can tell right with the information above the fold if it's got what I need to know and if not, you know? I can click and see everything that's below the fold here.

Here, we have those same top companies and they're also some other companies that are listed and ranked. If I didn't get what I needed in the top three that were above the fold, I can click and get a list of everything below the fold to make my decision there.

And ultimately, I can even go even further here, but these would all have these all represent phone numbers that I could call. And as a concrete contractor, these are all your competition that you have to, you want to be, you want to have. You don't even want to have to be in this ranking if you can be above the fold and get that 60 to 70% of the traffic right away.

So that's the normal Google My Business Listing. Next, we'll take a look at how this listing can change, depending on your location. I want to show this cool tool that gives you a big picture view of how you're doing, not just on a single Google search like we were looking at earlier.

But on multiple Google searches across a specific area, this Knoxville area of service. This tool is called a Heat Map and it pulls the same data that we were looking at for Google, GMB Listings as before. But as I said before, it's location specific. If we zoom in on this one location, we're close to the airport, and looks like we have a bank here.

If you're a manager who's in charge of maintenance plans or a maintenance service for a commercial building and you need concrete services done, you maybe have to replace unsafe hazard hazardous sidewalk outback. You might be going to Google and putting in "Concrete Services Near Me."

In this case, A Plus Concrete LLC would be number 20 or even lower than. This Heat Map tool kind of cuts off at 20 on that list. You'd have to be you'd be competing with 19 other phone numbers before whoever has that need finds your excellent concrete services.

However, if we kind of flip it and go to a different location, maybe this near ARD Engineering Center here. Need some giant concrete blocks for testing fixtures. Potentially, they're gonna be looking for concrete services, as well. And they're gonna go to Google and type in the exact same words of "Concrete Services Near Me."

In this scenario, just by varying the location alone, A Plus Concrete is number one. You are the king of concrete in this area. So that's sort of how this Heat Map lays out now, that we kind of understand it. If we zoom out and take another look, you can see that, you know? Green is good. 

Those 1, 2, and 3 are showing up in the map pack with no secondary click required, right? People scrolling through are going to see these top phone numbers and they don't even have to decide if they click and see the 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 that are below the fold.

And then, of course, the further away you get, the harder and harder it is to get your phone number in front of the people who are have that need and are looking for someone to offer them a competitive price. And ultimately, the opportunity to you're losing that opportunity to get more revenue by bidding more jobs and getting more jobs which of course, translates to having more.

You have much more ability with 1, 2, and 3 to keep steady work by having that those Steady Calls coming in. This is a snapshot of how you're doing about town currently. Next, we'll take a look at where you could go in the future. This Heat Map is at the same locational grid as the one we were looking at before, but the business is different.

This is to give you an example of what your Heat Map. Your ranking in each of these locations could look like with a bit of work. Here, we've got, you know? Number 1, 2, and 3. That's really the above the fold. Getting that the large chunk of the traffic, seeing your number, and picking up the phone, and calling you.

But even moving on to below the fold, it's still very impressive the range, you know? You don't have to be number one in order to get the calls. The more you can get out there and the more your number hits. The larger percentage of the traffic, the more calls you're going to get.

We really want to get something that's looking a lot more green and yellow with very  little red as much as possible. That's where my company Steady Calls comes in. At Steady Calls, we service your Google My Business Listing. If you think of Google as your forgetful sister or wife, someone who needs to be constantly reminded of tasks that need to be done or events that are coming up, you know?

There's lots of different techniques you can kind of set out. A lot of calendars, send update daily reminders. You can be the one to send texts and say "Hey, just to make sure you needed to know that this is going on!" That's what we do with Google. We do everything we can whether it's pasting sticky notes in places that Google will see or sending quick reminders.

We, throughout the Knoxville, Tennessee area, we leave these clues so that Google knows who the concrete kings of this region are. So that they can relay that information to the customers. To recap, we kind of took a look at what a lot of people have seen before that ranking from what the client is going to see.

And then, we kind of expanded that to show that's not exactly how your business shows up around town. And we took a look at where you're at in terms of the Heat Map and where you're going to be. Please check out the attached Heat Map below this video.

Please book a call with me or my team when you're not pouring using this schedule link if you want to know more information and see if it's a good fit for to work with Steady Calls. I really appreciate your time. Once again, this is Eric! Signing off!