Hi Affordable Concrete,
In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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How's it going, guys?

My name is Kyle with Steady Calls.

I wanted to send you this quick video to make sure that you're getting the maximum attention from Google as possible. In this video I'll show you a few different things:

First of all, I'll show you how you show up in normal Google Listings. The things you're normally use, things you're normally looking at when you try to look at your Google Listings.

Secondly, I'll show you how you show up around town and we'll answer the question: Do you show up around town the same way that you show up when you're searching for your company on Google from your office? 

And then, we'll show you how the top competitor shows up in Aurora.

So, let's get started, alright?

Here's the normal listing, so if I search for it, you wouldn't have to add the Aurora, Illinois. But since I'm not in your location, I had that piece. But this is what the top three that show up immediately right there from my location. Notice how I noticed that Affordable Concrete is not there.

To find Affordable Concrete, I've got to go down the way and I've got to go all the way back here. So you notice here that you don't show up immediately here. You'd have to go back quite a few pages and if somebody's searching for a concrete company, they're not going to go back four pages.

So the points kind of mood at that point, but if you search for it, this is the normal listings that show up. To anybody who's listening, you basically you have to be in the top three to get noticed by the people that are searching for your service, alright? Now, let's dive into this! This is a special tool I have called a Heat Map.

And inside here is the these dots symbolize somebody's searching for them this location, right? If you're searching from, I'm near Sioux Falls just off the corner here so down by Inwood just in Northwest Iowa. But if you're searching for "Sioux Falls Remodeling" or searching for "Remodeling Companies Near Me," in when you're around Sioux Falls, this is how the company pops up.

If not this particular company, Sioux Falls Remodeling will pop up as first if you're in the middle of Sioux Falls. But as you go towards the outside of Sioux Falls, they start drifting to result number seven, which means that they're not gonna appear in the search results. But how's that? So, let's see what it's like for you!

Now, if you search from your office or from your building, not sure. If you have a shop or workout work at your home or either way. Everybody's working from home these days, right? But the way this works is when you search from right here, you'll show up as number one.

But if you moved over a block a few blocks, you'd be number four. And as you go to the outside of the city to the outskirts of Aurora, you start showing up as number 5, 6, and 7. The good news is that it only takes a little bit of a push to get you guys moving towards number two and number three where you'll get noticed on Google more.

You'll notice that there's an uptick in your business and then the quotes that you're giving and then the business that you close. But let's check out the competitors in the space, your top competition, how are they showing up? Now, notice they have number ones just about everywhere, except for this, no except for this Northeast corner.

Be honest, there's not much there, either. So, you might have a little bit, but there's not going to be much there. Up here, you notice they're pretty much all number one with the exception of this little spot here. And this row up here, they're always 1, 2,  or 3, so they're always showing up.

They're probably closing and getting a lot, they're getting a lot more quotes and closing a lot more business. So, what does my company do? We help companies by servicing their Google My Business Listings so that Google knows that you're the king of the space, you're the King of Aurora, Illinois.

Think of it as Google as like your forgetful sister or wife. To stay at the top of your of their mind, you must continually remind them of yourself. Basically, that's what we do with Google. We paste sticky notes all over the area using your map listing, reminding Google who the real concrete kings are in Aurora, Illinois. So, thanks for your time. If you want to learn more, feel free to reach out to us using the schedule below. Thanks!