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In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, what's up!

Kyle with Steady Calls here.

Say, I wanted to send you this video to make sure that you are getting the maximum attention from your Google My Business Listing as possible. In this video, I'm going to show you three different things:

First of all, how you normally show up in your Google My Business Listing. You're going to be familiar with this one, but I want to point out a few statistics.

Secondly, I want to show you how your company's listing shows up around town. I'm going to use a special Heat Map tool for this.

Thirdly, I want to show you where you could be and I will in doing. So, I'll introduce the purpose of Steady Calls, alright?

So, let's dive in into the first part: how your Google My Business Listing normally shows up and how it works, okay/

Number one, people searching for concrete services will search "Concrete Services Near _____," whatever location. In this case, you're in Rockford so that's what we're doing, right? Inside here, this is what's going to go down. Majority of people we're going to scroll down here and they're going to stop here.

Sometimes, you're going to have some ads up her. And in light of that, you're going to lose about 5 to 15% of people coming down. But 60 to 70% of people will stop at the Google My Business Listing. Then, the last few will go down here, but the majority come here.

In order to find all the Google My Business Listing, you got to click on "View All," but really hardly anyone does that statistically speaking. So, it's most important to be in these first three listings, right? So that's how you normally show up here.

So, let's go into part two where I show you how you show up around town.

To do that, I want to introduce a Heat Map tool, alright? Here's a Heat Map tool, right? This is what a friend of mine just finished this recently, was recently released. He's been working on it for two years, it's a Google approved service. What it does is it pulls Google My Business Listing data as if the person was searching from that certain area.

In this case, say, somebody was searching for concrete services near them and they fought and they were searching it from Sherland or Harrison area. Now, in this an Early Concrete Co Incorporated case, they would show up as 8, or 6, or possibly 3rd, if they're on the South side of Harrison.

So that's shows based on the location where somebody's searching from makes it different, makes a huge difference, for instance. Perhaps, Early, the owner of Early Concrete decides to come down here and he searched any. I have to be working on a job down here, just South of 75 and he searches, right? 

Well, I want to write my Google My Business comes up, and so, he searches for it, and he comes up number one. Hey, we're doing pretty good around here, you know? But say, he has the office location is up here by the intersection of Highway 2, right? One then, near Rockton. Say, you don't say, he searches for his business over here.

Well, he comes up with, no, no, he doesn't show up because he's going to keep confronted with this type of deal, right? He's 1, 2, and 3, and then, he's gonna be number 9, which you click on the "View All" and then, go to the next page, but nobody really ever does that. He's not gonna be appearing there, right?

So that's what's going on, that's what a Heat Map tool does. In this next section, I want to show you how you specifically show up in Rockford, Illinois. Hey, Ames Concrete Incorporated, let's dive into your specific listing, right? Now, here is you the Heat Map of your area on Rock and we look at Rockford, Illinois.

Here, you've got some green out towards the edge out by Pecatonica, so I can't pronounce that, right? Pecatonica, yeah, there we go! So, this is what your listing looks like. Obviously, there's a lot of room for improvement here with the red. But honestly, you can move a lot of these single digit numbers fairly, easily 2 to 1, and 2, and 3.

If you see yellow, think of prime potential and red means that's going to take a lot more work to move. That's kind of how that's, how it works pretty well there. So, the more how would you move this specifically? One strategy that you can employ is go to Geoimgr (G-E-O-I-M-G-R). And then, you can search for your specific area you can.

If you try to search for your area, you a paid thing is going to come up, so it's going to cost some money to do that. But what you can honestly do this way is you can move over to where's my Rockford area here. So, South Beloit Gusty Park there it is, so then, you can go and say "Right inside, let's look at right inside here!"

Right by Loves Park, you've got a 6 and a 7. So, if you were to put in images, that's Geotagged in this area, this area, this area, in this area. You add four images. You're taking pictures all the time with your work. I'm guessing possibly of your new vehicles and things like that. What you can do is grab an image, upload an image for that like I've uploaded a parking lot here.

So then, you Geotag that image. Notice how wherever I move in Rockford. Say, I want because we're going up by Loves Park, right? We want to notice how it changes all those little digits back there, so we're writing some code on the back. That Google's Crawlers can read, they'll pinpoint you directly by at that area.

It's not just showing you what you do, but it's showing where you do it. So then, you can throw a link in the image description area. You can throw a link to your website in there. You can also describe "Hey, we did this parking lot on XYZ date!" And then, you can move over into, then link to your websites on.

Google knows who did it and how it correlates to your website, just adds extra strength to it document name. I just need a parking lot South Floyd area now because what I would do for yours. Then, is go into here, we'll go to Loves Park Rockford, Illinois, so then, Google knows. Google's tags will read that. too.

So, reinforces Loves Park parking lot. Loves Park because then, it shows what where it was even more than out in addition to the Geotag. So then, you download the this image and upload it to your Google My Business Profile or Google My Business Listing. So then, you're able to get more and more points within Google's eyes that way.

So that's just one free strategy there, so we got a lot of different ways. We do with Steady Calls to move your business forward. So, let's look at another business that's more, that shows where Ames Concrete Incorporated could be over the near future. So, Centerline Concrete has invested significantly in their listing.

I don't know that we don't work with them, but we've shown it, shows in the way. They appear in the way that they're positioned because notice how they've got a lot more green now. Since they have a lot more green around here. What that means is that they're get positioned to receive a lot more calls.

Green means that they're in position 1, 2, or 3 here, right? So they're missing out on the ad, 5, 15%, but they've got the 60 to 70%. They're putting their hand up for, you know? So that's how that works. Inside here, you can tell that they're taking up significant portions around the Rockford down both in the downtown area and up and up by Harrison and out by Mckeshny Park.

They lose, they start losing it out by Poplar Grove and Caledonia, but they do, they have a significant portion of it of the Rockford area. Probably, the more populated area to be honest so that's how this works. So, how does my company fit in? So, let's dive into that! Not question, next, alright?

Now, you've seen where you stand against the dominant competition in Rockford. And so now, it's time to figure out, okay? Well, what does it take to become the Rockford Concrete King? Well, that's where Steady Calls comes in. How we help companies is that we service your Google My Business Listing so that Google comes to know you as the King of Rockford, Illinois whenever concrete services are searched for.

Think of Google in this case like your forgetful sister or wife. To stay at the top of their mind, you got to continually remind them that you of what you want them to do, you know? Your daughter doesn't empty the dishwasher when she should, or your son doesn't take out the trash, or your wife doesn't remember to lock the door when she comes in that night.

You got to continually paste sticky notes all over the house if you're more old-fashioned or you send them texts all the time, right? So, simply put that's what Steady Calls, my company does. We've pasted sticky notes or leave reminders for Google all over the place that you are the Rockford Concrete King and should rightfully come up there.

To find out more, you can scroll down the page and you'll see that we've included a button that says "See Your Heat Map." What happens then is, if you, when you click on that, you'll be come back to this style of page. And if you're not showing up here, then you, then what needs to happen is you need to come over here and click.

Clicking on the little down arrow and then, you'll search for your company there, so you're or you can scroll down to find it. So, say your Custom Concrete Coatings. What it'll do is flip the map rating, flip the map of information around, so it shows your company there.

You can also explore how you compare to other companies in the Rockford, Illinois area. So that's how this works, okay? Also, we've included a schedule down there for you to do. If you're interested in learning more about how Steady Calls can help your business, you can book a call with either Eric or myself or one other was on our team there. So, thank you for your time, and hope you have a great day!