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In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, Baton Rouge Concrete Designs!

Kyle with Steady calls here.

So, you just want to drop this quick video make sure that you're getting the maximum attention from your Google My Business Listing. In this video, I'm going to show you three different things.

First of all, I'm going to show you how you show up on Google My, Google My Business normally.

And then, I'm going to show you how you show up around town because I'm not sure if you've noticed. But if you search from your, when you're at your place of business, and if you search from home you have, you don't appear in the same place.

Finally, I'll show you where you are from, what the difference, where you are from where you could be by comparing you to the top concrete company in the Baton Rouge area.

So, let's dive in. So, if we search for the most common term, searched for people looking for concrete services in Baton Rouge "Concrete Companies Near Me," this is what comes up. We have an ad, and then we have another ad, and then we have the Google My Business Listing section, this is the most used section out of the Google.

On the Google search page, 70% of the choice of the search results go to this place here. The rest of the 30% go down, it might lose a few percent going to the ads, as well. But this is when it comes to trust having the ad there versus not trust, this is the trust factor here. You've got sin if you've invested in this organically to come up.

Then, it shows a lot more trust in there versus not notice how we've had to be. Cajun Ready Mix has to put in a lot more effort into pushing this out versus this guy's got 5 reviews versus 30. So, it just shows the difference in effort put in there. Now, it's important to notice here.

The first three that don't that come up here are the ones that get the attention, so numbers 1 through 3. Now, either you or your kids have Instagram and you notice that's below that above the fold gets all the attention. The views it takes effort to tap on somebody's post and look at the whole thing.

Obviously, people take the lit path of least resistance and just keep scrolling rather than tap down, tap on, and click on to view them all. So, they're going to keep scrolling down past. If they don't see what they want here, they're not gonna, they there's statistically. There's very few people that actually go on to the second page.

So, let's look at, let's look for your company over here! Baton Rouge Concrete Designs, Baton Rouge Concrete Repair, Baton Rouge Concrete Designs, so you're not very far away here. It only takes a little bit of a push to get you up here. I've called people today who are on the fourth and fifth and there. It takes a lot more work to do, that it is to just kind of put a push in the right place here to make it go, you know?

So, let's look at now, let's dive into the second section! I show you how you come up differently throughout the town. Here, I use a special tool that's called a Heat Map, right? So, let's go to your place here, Baton Rouge Concrete Designs, right? This pulls information directly from Google, this isn't we've got a special Google API.

It's just technical connection, but that's I mean, it's a little nerdy that did the thing to do. But the way where you're appearing well, you'll be 3 and below basically. Overall, you can look at this like a stoplight, you know? Red, we all hate stopping on red lights, so it's not a good thing. Yellow light, you know?

You might be able to squeak by, but you know? It's still not a really good thing. Green, we all love green, you know? Green's the way to go when possible. Inside here, you'll notice that you've got 3 above the fold. And then, the rest you're doing pretty well on the West side of town. But on the East side of town could do some work.

Now, I told you I'd compare you where you, I'd show you where you are versus where you could be. So, let's move on to that. So, let's move on to here inside of here to the Best Concrete Service. It's ironic that the name the best listing here is the Best Concrete Service. It's ironically named, I rarely see that in the research that I do. 

But all of them are green, except with the exception of these 4 and 5 down here. It's the most optimized listing here in Baton Rouge so that's where you could be now. The what really makes the difference here is like you could say "Kyle, what's the difference on all these numbers?" You know, it's a bunch of numbers and colors.

But what really keeps the difference is the more green you have, the more calls you're going to get. Asking for quotes and bids on jobs that you could potentially pour your concrete. For that, you could eventually give that design concrete for. The more that you have the more calls that you get the more call.

The more jobs that you close, the more jobs that you win. And the more jobs you win means the more revenue that you bring home. And the better you can treat your team, the better you can treat your wife or your husband. The better off your overall being, that's the connection between these.

But that's how it all fits together, so how does my team fit in here? Well, Steady Calls helps businesses by servicing their your Google My Business Listing so that Google begins to come to know you as the King of the Baton Rouge Concrete Design area. Think of Google like your forgetful husband, or sister, or wife.

And to stay at the top of, to keep the tasks that you want to do at the top of their mind, you got to continually remind your mind or in some cases nag nag nag, you know? But that's basically what we have to do with Google since it's not just a one and done thing. It's a continuous nag nag nag.

Because basically, what Steady Calls does with Google is we put sticky notes all over the area using your Google My Business Listing, reminding Google that the King of concrete design in Baton Rouge are Baton Rouge Concrete Designers design team. So that's how that works, so you'll notice on the page you have a place to schedule a call.

As well as I've attached this map there as well, so you can look at it, too. You can look at the different competitors that are there and see how they all compare, as well. You can look at Trays Stained Concrete and you can look at because that's one of one to be applicable there concrete designs is you.

And you can look at all the different competitors here because some are I mean, design solutions. They're a lot worse off than you are so that works out well, but in your favor anyway, so, yeah, let me. Feel free to schedule a call with me and my team and if you'd like to move forward and just learn some more about this and go from there. Hope your day is going well. Talk to you later, bye!