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Your website is an integral part of your marketing strategy. You should design your website in a way that attracts leads and converts them into sales.

Your website is an integral part of your marketing strategy. It is important that you design your website in a way that attracts leads and converts them into customers. Your roofing website design should be more than just a business card. It should also include a listing of your services, contact information for your company, and a sales pitch. The best roofing websites share a few common elements that encourage their customers to sign up for their services.

Ideally - Roofing SEO can make your website a magnet for traffic.

Common Elements For Roofing Websites

You don't have to make your website look the same as those of your competitors. However, there are some things you can do that will help convert visitors into customers. You may find that other websites of roofing companies are more attractive and interesting if they have helpful content and a visually appealing design.

Roofing Website Content

The blog of a roofing company is just as important as any other part of its site. Your blog can help you rank higher in Google searches by targeting keywords that are relevant to your target audience. Instead of focusing on the company, roofing companies that have won use their blogs to provide long-form, informative content for those who are interested in roofing repair and maintenance.

Your website should also contain other content to help your audience understand what you do, who is involved, and how they contact you. The best roofing websites have pages that provide information about their company, offer quotes, show testimonials, and direct visitors to how to get in touch with them. This creates a perfect funnel to convert leads into sales.

Roofing Web Design

Your website's web design should be a key part of your overall strategy. The websites of roofing companies that convert to the internet have beautiful designs. They are easy to use and visually appealing. An Adobe survey found that 38% of visitors will abandon a website they find poorly designed. Another 66% prefer websites and content that have a beautiful layout and design to those that are too simple or dull.

It's not just your aesthetic design that is important. Your audience might leave if your website is too heavy or takes too much time to load because of images, plugins, or slow servers. It is equally important that visitors have a pleasant experience when using your website. You should make it easy for visitors to locate most elements on your site from the moment they arrive.

What are some examples of the best roofing websites?

These are the top websites for roofing companies. They share the same elements as the best. These examples can help you get ideas for your website design. They have great content and a simple-to-navigate design.

Home Page

Contact Page

Main Service Page

Main Location Page

If you want to know more about the Renton Roofers, feel free to browse the whole site here.

Home Page

Contact Page

Main Service Page

Main Location Page

If you want to know more about the Auburn Roofing Experts, feel free to browse the whole site here.

Home Page

Contact Page

Main Location Page

If you want to know more about the Kent Roofers, feel free to browse the whole site here.

Award-Winning Roofing Websites / Best Roofing Websites Have in Common - To Build Trust

The best roofing companies know how to quickly get TRUST. It's not all about having the best color scheme or smiling happy customers.

  • Reviewers are shown with an image of themselves, the logo of where it was left, and a 5-star icon.
  • You are a member of the following organizations.
  • Photos of your real team is essential. Show your office to real customers.

Why A Roofing Website Template May Not Be For You?

It is possible to look like your competitors using themes or templates for roofing websites.

  • If you are purchasing a theme for your roofing website, make sure to upload some sample content. This is usually included with theme purchases.
  • It's almost impossible to make the theme look the same as the demo.
  • The content and the details involved in converting the design to actual content are what make a roofing website effective. Although this is something that we do as part of our process, it requires coding and design skills. If you purchase a template or theme for roofing websites, make sure you have the resources you need.

What is the Hardest Part? Creating an Effective Roofing Website Content

We assist our clients in identifying the type of content they need and then guide them in creating that content. Strangely, however, don't create the initial about' content in their website design.


We believe that the main pages of the website should be created by your internal team, so they can feel honest and authentic. This content should not be outsourced - unless you are willing to spend more time, you need to work with the team that is outsourcing to understand your history, your market context, and your business model in incredible detail.

We strongly recommend that you write the main pages of your website content. However, we do help people to write blog articles and can also work with a roofing company for things like this.

12 Quick & Easy Roofing Website Ideas

1. Begin with a large picture of a smiling face in front of a new roof.

2. Scroll twice before you click on the link. There is a section that includes testimonials, reviews, and photos of reviewers.
3. At the top of every selling page, you will find a form to 'get an estimate for free.
4. A horizontal list of awards, certifications, BBBs, or other awards should look clean or in greyscale.
5. Your headlines should be written towards your ideal customer, not about your company.
6. Place a link with "Get a Free Estimate" at the top of every page in the menu.
7. You can add a phone number to the top right of or above the Get a Free Estimate button.
8. Every selling page should contain at least 500 words and be broken up by images.
9. Keep your forms to 6 fields or less so that customers aren't scared.
10. Bullet points should be used at the top of sales pages. They should contain 10 words or less each so that people can scan your "key value propositions".
11. Ask satisfied customers about their company and use their words in your headlines.
12. Show-hide FAQs can be used to increase word count and address common customer questions during the sales process. However, it won't overwhelm the page with text that reduces interaction.

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Recommendation: Create Winning Websites For Your Roofing Company

Websites that convert visitors into customers are focused on the services offered by the company and provide a useful site. Your roofing company's website can stand out among the rest by providing exceptional content, simple navigation, outstanding branding, and a visually appealing design. You can place important information, such as phone numbers and contact information, on the homepage. Then, point your visitors to the services you offer and encourage them to become customers by using enticing copywriting and photos.

Commonly Asked Questions About Roofing Websites

Where can I find a web designer for roofing companies?

Website builders can lead to a lot of unprofessional websites. However, there are a few WordPress themes that might work for roofing companies. These include Metal on Themeforest or The Roof-Construction Theme or The Barbosa template from Squarespace or this list with roofing and construction templates on Pedestal. For companies with less than 500k in annual revenue, a template or theme could result in shabby-looking results. If your company has more than 1 million in annual revenue, you should consider hiring a professional company to make your website a true investment.

Are there any creative ideas for roofing websites?

These are my top roofing website ideas for 2021 and beyond.
1. Every service page should have a video. This will increase traffic to your site and improve search engine rankings.
2. Place the Get a Quote form on every page. People often just want to move on and don't need much information.
3. To reduce friction in prospects' minds, surround that form with trust factors and social proof such as testimonials and organizations you are a member of.

Why should I choose a company that specializes in roofing websites?

The pain of not hiring a professional company is greater than the pain of doing it. Although hiring a professional company may be more expensive than hiring your cousin, uncle, brother, friend, it will cost you less than doing it again within a year. You'll also miss out on 90% of sales to your competitor who invested in digital marketing. Do your best to invest in a company that specializes in roofing websites, regardless of whether it is Steady Calls. If you would like a free consultation, send us a message at