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In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, Braswell Residential Commercial Concrete Contractor!

This is Eric with Steady Calls.

I wanted to shoot this quick video to make sure that you are maximizing your Google My Business Listing.

In this, we're going to take a look at first how your business shows up in a normal Google search.

Then, how your search results can change, depending on where you are around town.

And finally, we'll take a look at how the top competition is showing up around Montgomery.

To start, we're going to look at a simple Google search. I've typed in "Concrete Services Near Montgomery, Alabama." If there are any ads, they'll be above the map here in this section. These ads get about 5 to 15% of the traffic and you can think of web traffic just like foot traffic. It really comes down to getting eyes on your phone number if someone's walking past your sign or truck out on a job.

What you really want is to get their eyes on your number. And if they're looking for concrete services, they can give you a call, right? There ads get about 5 to 15% of that traffic. This is what's called a map pack and this gets about 60 to 70% of that traffic. This is where the Google My Business Listings are.

GMB number 1, 2, and 3 on this list are shown in the map pack and you can see how Google really makes it easy with that phone number right up front. There's also reviews different metrics that allow you to if you're scrolling past to quickly make a decision to pick up the phone and call.

Below the map pack, these are organic listings, organic website rankings. I want to focus on the GMB's in this video. Like I said number 1, 2, and 3 are out there for everyone to see. If you do want to see number 4, you can click here and get the full list. And, you can even get multiple pages page 2, 3 all the way up to 5.

But a lot of people don't go down this far and a big reason for that is something called being above the fold. If you think back to these top three in what's called above the fold. And in this case, the fold is this "View All" button, but you can. The concept comes from when you have a lot of envelopes.

You have a limited amount of text that you are reading before you make a decision whether or not to open up and unfold the letter. Or, in my case, spam request for request for donations. I have a very limited amount of text to read before I decide to expand and see all these GMB's that are below the fold.

So that's how GMB's show up in a normal Google search. This is a Heat Map. It's a special tool that we use to get a visual for how that Google search result changes, depending on where you are around a specific location. To explain this, I'm just going to zoom in on one of these sections, and you can see that this number one circle here is connected to a geographical location.

The way this works is that this is the-. So, if you are in this location say, Jones Wrecker Services & Auto Barn is doing a Google search for a concrete contractor, they can type in the exact same thing that we did earlier. And on that list of phone numbers, that Google is feeding Jones Wrecker Services.

Braswell Residential and Commercial is number one on that list. On the other hand, if we go across town to a different location, this is probably more residential. We can get somebody living on Spruce Knoll Lane doing that exact same Google search. It could be word for word and they're going to get a different list of numbers than whoever was at Jones Record.

So this Heat Map gives you that big picture view bird's eye view of how you're doing on that list. And of course, being number 1, 2, and 3 makes a big difference between being 4, 5. And of course, once we get into double digits, you're kind of being buried on the second page, third page, and so on.

Being able to get those phone calls, which of course are required before you can send out a bid is really important when it comes to growing your business using Google. Next, I'd like to take this same grid and show you a vision for where you can take this in the future. This is a second Heat Map that you can see.

There's a lot more green going on. These guys are doing a lot better in these specific locations, just in terms of where they are on that list. You can think of, you know? That 1, 2, and 3, being the sweet spot, we're almost half of the grid. In that top map pack, you're getting the majority of those 60 to 70% of those eyes are going to your phone number and getting the vast majority of those calls.

And if you think of being below the fold effect, even if, even at 4 and 5, you're collecting more than you would at 10 and 12. So that's just a little overview of how we can kind of move up the ranks. At Steady Calls, we remind Google who the concrete kings are and we do that by servicing companies Google My Business Listings.

You can think of Google as a forgetful spouse that needs consistent reminders to keep an event or anything that's very important on the top of their mind. I know I've, I'm not the biggest fan of different social events even when we were doing those. So, I would need consistent texts or a sticky note at the office to remind me to be thinking preparing for any parties coming up and Google's the same way when it comes to these Google My Business Listings.

At Steady Calls, we put out consistent reminders in these locations to just nudge Google towards who is the king of the concrete in these particular areas. I really appreciate your time. Please take a look at the Heat Map that's linked below this video. If you do have a different business here than the one that you want, this is kind of how you navigate through this search box. You can also click the link to schedule a call with myself or someone else from my team if you're interested in learning more. I appreciate the time and bye for now!