Hi Broken Arrow Concrete Contractors,
In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, Broken Arrow Concrete Construction!

Kyle with Steady Calls here.

I just wanted to send you this quick video to make sure you're getting the maximum attention from Google as possible through your Google My Business Listing. In this video, I want to show you three different things.

First of all, I want to show you your business listing as normal, how it shows, how it shows up. I just want to point out some traffic statistics there. So, you know when I say traffic, I mean people that are calling just to get bids on their construction or on their concrete construction work that needs to be done.

If they need a foundation board, they want a quote on it, if they want. If they want to drive report, they want to quote on. If they need a sidewalk or patio done, they want to quote on it. Those that's what I say when I say traffic, that's what I mean now.

Secondly, I want to show you how you show up around town. Because if you search for your search "Concrete Companies Near Me" on the North side of town, you're not going to show up in the same way that you show up when you search for the same thing "Concrete Companies Near Me" on the South side of town. It's different, it's very location-based. 

Finally, I want to show you basically where you could be by showing you how there's room for improvement for different areas in your Google My Business Listing. So, I'll point those out in this way. So, let's get started!

So inside here, if you search for "Concrete Companies Near Me." I have to add Broken Arrow because I'm up in aisle, right? So that's how I'm able to pull up your listings here this way. If we look for that, you're coming up here and then you've got three more listings here. So, the way this works, traffic wise.

If you have an ad up here, that's gonna take 5 to 15% of the traffic. If you have and your Google My Business Listing are gonna take 60 to 70% of the traffic, right? So then, your organic results are going to take up the difference between those and then, a small minority are going to click onto the next page here.

Now, you're fortunate here to be coming up on this side because that means, you're gaining a lot more of the calls than if you were on only coming up on the back side or below, what I call below the full, right? Now that we know what the traffic statistics are here.

Let's roll over to the next section here, showing basically how the difference is around when you show up around town. Let's go over to Broken Arrow Concrete Contractor, and let's see how you're coming up over here.

So, you're taking up significantly, significant portions of town here, but you still have a lot of 4's and 5's and 6's going on here the way this works. Though is it's a Heat Map. The way the Heat Map works is that a friend of mine's been working on it for two years now.

It integrates directly with Google and it pulls listing statistics based on location. So, if you were to search down in Leonard, down close to Leonard, you would come up as well. You would and show up as number two or number three, depending on where you're at.

I'm pretending, if you're closer to on the West side or on the East side you know, versus if you search up more towards this intercept. If somebody searches from this intersection, you're come up as result number five, which means that you're going to be coming up down here below the fold, as you would be there.

People have to come to this second page in order to find you. That's how that works, its location specific. In order to do the room for improvement, here is the elimination of the fours and fives. Those are the ones that will come the quickest, but then eventually, we can get you pulling in from Owasso and new Newsdessa.

That's a new one, alright? But that's how this works, it pulls in location specific information. So that's where my company comes in is that we study. The way Steady Calls works is that we help companies by servicing their Google My Business Listing. So that Google knows for certain that you are the king of concrete construction in the Broken Arrow area.

Think of Google like your forgetful sister or wife to stay at the top of their mind. You got to continually remind them of what you wanted to do. You know you ask them to do something, maybe it's your daughter and you're asking her to take out the trash or do the empty the dishwasher and you're just like she forgets, you know?

You got a continuous reminder by sending her a text these days or my mom would make sticky notes back in the day. That's what my company Steady Calls does with Google. As we paste sticky notes all over the area using your map listing reminding Google that the concrete kings are Broken Arrow Concrete Contractors. So yeah, if you want to learn more, feel free to schedule a call with my team below.

I've also attached this map below, as well. You can find, you can look at all the different competitors, as well. So, if you're not showing up immediately, you're able to search for your business here. You just search for "Broken Arrow" and then, you would come up there. That's the way that works. Hope you're doing well and hope to hear from you soon. Bye, now!