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This is Eric with Steady Calls!

I wanted to shoot this quick video to make sure that you're maximizing your search results on Google My Business.

First, we're going to take a look at a standard Google search and how the GMB's show up.

Then, we'll see how your search results can change, depending on where you are around town.

And then, we'll take a look at how the top competition is showing up around Naperville.

To get started, what I've done here is gone to Google and type in "Concrete Services Near Naperville, Illinois." And if you do see any ads, they're going to be above the map. In this section, these ads get about 5 to 15% of those views. This next section called the map pack gets 60 to 70% of the traffic going to this page.

And then, below the map pack are organic search results, these get the whatever's left usually 20 to 30%. And when I think about, when I talk about web traffic, you can think of it just like foot traffic. It really boils down to people getting their eyes on your phone number. Just like someone walking past a sign or seeing your number on the side of a truck.

You want people who are looking for those concrete services to pick up the phone and call. And with that in mind, you can kind of see why these Google My Business Listings, this is GMB number 1, 2, and 3. Why these guys are getting the majority of those phone calls? Because Google really makes it easy for someone to pick up the phone and call the number is right up front.

And there's also some other metrics like when they're open and how many reviews they have. That help people decide to pick up that phone and call. I also want to call your attention to something that I call being above the fold. The idea here is that number 1, 2, and 3 are shown to anyone who's scrolling past.

But if you need want to get to number 4, you have to click this "View All" button to get to number 4, 5, and so forth and this is called being above the fold in these 1, 2, and 3 or below the fold and the idea comes from opening a lot of envelopes. If you have a lot don't have much time, you're gonna scan whatever you can read without doing any work.

In this case, you're looking at the top number 1, 2, and 3. And then, if you don't find what you need to don't find what you're looking for you would open the envelope and unfold it and see everything that's below the folds. That's what I mean when I say being above the fold versus below the fold.

And of course, just like being higher up on the list being above the fold just allows you to capture a lot more of the interest and more of these calls. So that's kind of how a Google My Business search results shows up on a just a typical Google search. Next, I want to talk about a tool that's called a Heat Map.

Now, what this does is that it takes the same data we were just looking at in a Google search, but it overlays it across the geographical area. So, to explain this, I'm going to zoom in and you can see that this is a specific location around Naperville. You can imagine that if someone's at the Golf Club, maybe in between rounds there are also looking to get some concrete work done.

If there are residents, maybe putting in a patio, they know they have to do some research. So, if you were to do a Google search to find some numbers to call. What this Heat Map is saying is that on that list of phone numbers that Google gives you just like what we were looking at earlier.

This business Bud's Concrete is number one on that list for this guy who's in this specific location Tamarac Golf Club. But if we zip across town, we can go to a different location. There's businesses here, apartments here, maybe he lives at after going doing a couple rounds of Golf. He goes back to Riverstone Apartments and finishes the research.

He types back into Google expecting to get the same list of numbers. But because of this specific location tagging on a Google search, Bud's Concrete is number five on the list. That Google gives him at Riverstone Apartments. So, a lot of people don't realize that your specific ranking can change.

This much in just a couple miles and that is how the Heat Map works. Next, I'd like to show you how your business is doing on your own Heat Map. So, we've got Bud's Concrete Heat Map up here and this is how we can kind of take a look at the bird's eye view of how we're doing currently and where our top competition is coming from.

So, of course, if you think back to that idea of being above the fold versus below the fold even though you can kind of see that "Hey, Green is better!" and it transitions from green to yellow to orange to red is kind of dead on that second page. What I want to draw your attention to is that transition from, you know?

4's and 5's to 1's, 2's, and 3's because if we think back to that map pack, that's really the biggest single transition, you know? The difference between being 20 and 19 is not nearly as big as the difference between being 4 and 3. Just because of that above the fold versus below the fold jump and the advantage to having your phone number out for everyone else to see.

If we think back to the analogy of foot traffic, it's really like being on main street versus being buried a couple alley ways back. You might get, you know? 1 out of 100 people will walk five minutes out of the way to find your sign. But the vast majority of people walking past are going to be seeing number 1, 2, and 3.

So this is a big picture view of where you're at. I'd like to also jump in here and show you a feature that this. What I'm doing here is clicking on a single dot and you can get that list. And this is a great way to see who is coming up right behind you a lot of people, you know? You can kind of get comfortable sitting on your laurels.

This is a great way to say "Okay! Hey, these guys are potentially if we compare." You know, they're kind of creeping up into this map pack in a larger circle than necessarily Bud's Concrete was. So that's a little bit about how we can use this to see how the top competition is doing just to get that big picture view.

A lot of the times if you get sucked into one area, you don't really realize you might be thinking "Hey, I'm doing really well!" and you don't realize that you're missing out on the opportunity in these various areas. Now, you might be wondering where Steady Calls fits in. At Steady Calls, we remind Google who the concrete kings are in a specific area by servicing your Google My Business Listing.

You can think of Google as a forgetful spouse that needs consistent reminders to keep what's important on the top of their mind. I know I'm not the biggest fan of different social events and I need, whether it's a sticky note at the office or texts throughout the day. I need that consistent reminder before I'll actually take action and Google's the same way. What we do at Steady Calls is we go into these specific locations around the web.

Then, post the equivalent of sticky notes for Google to remind them of who is important when it comes to concrete in this specific area. That's how we fit in. I really appreciate the time you took in watching this video. If you'd like to schedule a time to talk with me or someone else from my team, you can click the link that's below this video.

There's also a complimentary Heat Map, so you can jump in and see how your own business is doing. If you don't see your business up here, you can jump to it using this scroll box feature and you can also take a look at how your competition is doing and how you stack up, just to get that big picture view, so you know what you're dealing with in this specific area. Really appreciate the time. This is Eric with Steady Calls!