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This is Eric with Steady Calls.

I wanted to shoot this quick video to make sure that you're maximizing your opportunity on Google My Business.

First, we're going to take a look at a normal Google search to see how a GMB (Google My Business) shows up typically.

Then, we'll see how this search result can change, depending on where you are around town.

And finally, we'll see how the top competition is showing up around Olathe.

To get started, I've gone to Google and done "Concrete Services Near Me." I put "Olathe, Kansas" in here to trigger Google's location specific search because I'm actually out of state in Iowa. But you should just be able to get away with "Concrete Services Near Me" to get the same page.

If you do see any ads, they'll be above this map. In this particular area, these ads get about 5 to 15% of the traffic going to this page. This is what's called the map pack, this gets about 60 to 70% of that traffic and then these organic search results. What most people think of as a Google search get about 20 to 30 or whatever is left of that traffic.

And when I talk about web traffic, just like foot traffic, it really boils down to getting your eyes in front of your phone number. Getting people who are looking for concrete services to pick up the phone and call with foot traffic. You can do that with a storefront. You can do that with a phone number on the side of your truck and on Google with the most successful spot is this map pack area.

And if you take a look, you can see why that is Google's really making it easy by putting that phone number. Sorry about that by sticking that phone number right up in front, so it's really easy if you're scrolling on a mobile phone often. This is actually a button where you can hit that and get a direct line to these top Google My Business Listings.

This is where the GMB's are. GMB number 1, 2, and 3, and if you want to find number 4, I kind of jumped to it early. But number 4 would be right here and 5, 6, and so on all the way down. And then, of course, you can go page 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Most people don't get this far. A lot of people don't get this far and there's a concept called being below the fold that explains that.

A lot of people don't even get to number 4. This idea of being above the fold versus below the fold kind of came from reading a lot of letters when you have an envelope and a folded letter. You have a limited amount of text to read before you decide whether or not you're going to open up that envelope, unfold the entire letter.

And in this case of Google search, it's the same way. There's a limited amount of information people are available to see without doing any work and a lot of people just grab this information and go without bothering to unfold the entire list and reading number 5, 4, 6, and 6. Because of this above the fold concept, these top guys really get the majority of that 60 to 70% of people going to a Google search to find these phone numbers.

That's a normal Google search. Next, I want to talk about a tool that I've got called a Heat Map. This is pretty cool! It uses the same data that we were just looking at with a GMB, but it overlays it over a specific location. You can see we've got Olathe here and each one of these dots is tied to a location.

If we zoom in, we can kind of see, maybe grab this location: the Gardner Golf Course. I've never been, but I'm also live in Iowa, but that makes a little tough. But if I were to go to this Golf Course, maybe they've got some refreshments. I take 15 minutes. I can do that exact same Google search that I just did "Concrete Services Near Me."

And Google is going to give me a list of GMB's of Google My Businesses with phone numbers. And what this Heat Map says is that this business Dye Concrete Inc. is number two on that list for everybody at the Golf Course, including me on my hypothetical visit and everybody else in this block of the city.

On the other hand, if we zip across town to, maybe Lone Elm Park, relaxing here, watching some soccer, recreational soccer, I can pull up my phone and do that exact same Google search. It could even be word for word. And what this Heat Map is saying is that on this new list of GMB's, Dye Concrete Inc is number 20, 20 plus.

I probably won't even see them because I'm focused on that first page. Once you understand how this Heat Map is working, it can become a great tool. To get a bird's eye view of how a business, how that ranking can change. A lot of people don't realize that it can change with only what five miles.

Yeah, this is about 5, 2, and a half between each dot. We're talking 5, 10 miles. It can be a whole different picture when it comes to that Google search. And if you were to do a Google search in this specific area every time, maybe you're a manager at that Golf Course and you always check your business every time.

You're not going to realize that your influence on a Google search only lasts a couple miles because you'll just be sucked in on being above the fold in this nice green spot. Now, that we kind of understand how a Heat Map works, I'd like to jump into your specific Heat Map.

Concrete Concepts, LLC, this is your Heat Map! I wanted to jump in here and get into the neatly pretty of how you're doing in this specific space. And, you can see that the best ones rankings here are kind of trying hard in the part in City here at 7, 8. This would be just below the fold kind of first page.

So, you're able to pick up some that traffic that takes the side road and says, raises their hands and says "Yes! I want the full list! I want that extra information!" So, you can be some of the top members. Obviously, having reviews in your GMB is gonna help distinguish you when it comes to, you know? There is no big difference between being 9 and 7.

Because once you get that full list, you probably gonna be looking for someone that the ones that are either very close to you. They can gonna sell you on the name or the brand or someone who is has those good reviews. So that's kind of, you know? I think about this in tiers and the top tier would be that nice green 1, 2, and 3.

But the next best spot is these single-digit yellows. And then, the third tiers is kind of once we get out of this sphere tier in here. It really kind of really drop off and your phone numbers essentially buried on page 2, page 3 when it comes to these number 20's and that's just a quick overview of how you're doing,

Next, I want to show you a vision for where we can take a Heat Map that looks just like this. You know what the upper limit is by taking a look at some of the top competition. These guys have and you can tell it right away, they doing a lot of better just because of all that green. And, this one across board is pretty impressive, just locking it out and it can be a little doubt to think of who you are against but, you know?

Once we gonna get into pushing some of these rankings, we can kind to push these single-digit yellows into that green fairly easily. So, really a lot of the work is gonna be on those single-double digits just because it takes a bit to bring those up from kind of being in the graveyard where, you know?

One kind of hundred people going to Google are gonna click onto that second, on that third Page. Yes, so these guys are doing quiet well. One other thing you can look at with this Heat Maps is that 3 to 4 cut off. Just because that's the biggest jump when it comes to being optimize, maximize your opportunity just because of that below the fold concept where you're dependent on someone making a choice to see that full list.

Where, this guys have really done a good job of getting that phone number an upfront just like a foot traffic, you know? It's essential being on main street where everyone is taking that path of least resistance and seeing that phone number where us here. We are kind of targeting these people who are looking for businesses that look like good fit and give you the opportunity. Now, you might be wondering where Steady Calls fit in.

At Steady Calls, we service your Google My Business Listing to remind Google who the concrete king are in a specific area. You can think of Google as a forgetful spouse that needs consistent reminders to keep what's important on the top of their mind.

I know I'm not the biggest fan of various social events. I need whether it's sticky notes or text messages throughout the day, that consistent reminder before I'll actually take action whether it's a, you know? RSVP or a wedding invite things of that nature, so Google is the same way.

At Steady Calls, we get into these specific locations and we post the equivalent of sticky notes around the web in this hyper local area. And when Google does its crawling, it's reminded of who is important when it comes to concrete in this area. So that's the sort of broad strokes version of how we can kind of move this 15 into a 6 into a 4 into a 3 overtime and start to take over this area like these guys have been able to do.

I really appreciate the time that you took in watching this video. Please take a look below to see the Heat Map that's specific to you. If you don't see your business up here, you can kind of search for it in this box and you can also schedule a call with myself or someone else from my team by clicking on the link that's also below this video. Thanks so much! This is Eric with Steady Calls.