Hi Concrete & Steel Erectors,
In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, Concrete & Steel Erectors!

My name is Kyle with Steady Calls.

I wanted to send you this video to make sure that you're getting the maximum attention via your Google My Business Profile. In this video, I'm going to drop you a few different points:

One, on your normal Google My Business Listing.

Two, on how you show up around town.

And three, how the competitive the top compare you to the top competitor in the town showing basically where you are now and where you could be.

So, on number two, I wanna basically just delineate between when you look up your business profile and you're sitting at your shop, or in your truck, and you're near your shop, and you notice that you come up first. That's not how you show up around town all the time. So, I want to show you that difference here.

So, let's dive in, alright?

So, inside here, if you search for "Concrete Companies Near Me," it's the most popular phrase people who are looking for concrete services use. I'm up in Iowa so that's why I had to add Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But, so then, you'll notice here that we have an ad here. And then, you'll have more of the trusted section of Google My Business because people realize that if they just have an ad.

If somebody has an ad up that means they bought their way to the top. That means they could be a shady business, depending on their ratings, you know? You never know those. But also, it's not really a related one because it's a concrete contractor versus a flooring contractor, so two different things.

But inside here, you have more of the trusted range of Google My Business 70% of the traffic from Google where of intent was based search. That's what Google is comes and stops and makes their call here via Google My Business Listings. Then, the other 30 roughly goes back down, it goes down here to look at the organic results.

So, again, more trusted section here, so I'm not sure if you or your kids have Instagram. But the easy way to do it here is the business listings that are above the fold get most of the attention. There's a lot of information like people have Instagram posts, right? So, there's some information a couple lines above the fold.

And then, there's the rest of the information that's under the fold. These are the businesses that are above the fold to getting a lot of the attention, so you can see all the businesses like this. But what happens then is you have you. We know you don't know what you have to click on this. To get past, it is basically it.

So then, we're looking for Concrete and Steel Erectors here. We're just going to keep going down, so there's a lot nobody was really going past here. There's a joke in my space of just like where do you want to hide a dead body? I did on this second page of Google because hardly anybody goes there, you know?

That's the joke, you know?  That's the way it works! But as you can see, I've gone up to page 5 here and I still haven't seen it. So, there's a lot of concrete and construction listings here. But the bottom line is we need to optimize it. But I'm like what I'm looking at here is this is going this is good as a special tool.

It integrates with Google My Business and allows me to see where your business listing comes up and I apologize for this. This is my tool doesn't like ampersands, so the-, and symbol, so it puts in this weird code here. So, but one thing what happens here is if what this does is it pulls data in from Google My Business as if somebody had searched from here.

And then, makes it basically into a stoplight. The green is good. We all like that. The yellow is means you're okay. You may be able to squeak by. And then, the orange and the red are where things really you really need to stop you. We don't like that at all, so you know? It's an inconvenience for us to stop.

So, you're doing really well on the South side of Baton Rouge here. But when you go further up towards the center area, not doing very well up here. 20 means, either, it's at rank at the 20th result or beyond the 20th result. So, this means, it's 11, 12, then the 12th result, that kind of thing. So, anywhere you're below your 3 or below, you're showing up.

Versus, if you have 4 or above, you're not showing up. You're not above, you're below the fold in that sense. So, I said where you could be? So, this is where you are, but where could you be? So, now, this is ironic, isn't it? The best listing I could find in here had Best Concrete Service listed as is the name, so, but notice how every point in here is green except for the bottom two here.

So, they've put a lot of work and effort into our investment into their Google My Business Listing so that they get a lot of the calls. So, they get a lot of the people looking for their to have get bids on their foundation. Get estimates on their driveway, pouring those different things. So, and ultimately, this connects the investment here, connects to how well the company does.

If you get a lot of calls, you get a lot of bids and you've got a lot of bids. You get a lot of revenue because the more bids you make, the more money you make. That's kind of how it works, you know? You've been in business longer than me. More than likely I've been in this business for a few years now, but you know?

That just as well as I do so. In this, on this page, you'll notice that we've got a place where you can schedule a call. As well as, I've attached this map below, so you can look around and get to know it. You can also see a list of your competitors inside here.

You can choose which one you want to look at, so you just hit the map there and it flips the rankings all around for you. So, as you can see, Concrete Design Solutions has a lot more work to do than you so, alright? We'll talk to you later. Have a good rest your day, bye!