Construction Leads | 13 Powerful Tips To Get More Leads (From Experts)

A great website is easy to spot. It's organized, professional, and encourages visitors to explore the company. But that doesn't mean that site visitors will immediately consider using your building services. Your website is the best place to sell more residential construction companies. Your website will be found by most potential clients via Google and Yelp. But it is your content that will convince them that your services are worthwhile.

Lack of alignment between sales and marketing is a major reason many construction companies miss opportunities for growth. Your marketing efforts may be focused on branding collateral, trade shows, and social media. However, your leads may not be being converted by your marketing. These strategies will give you new leads and an edge over your competitors. Below are the five first things we highly recommend.

1. Create Engaging Content

Experts are the best source of engaging content for most people. Create a blog about residential construction that you can link to from your website. Your website will rise to the top of search engine results pages if you keep adding new, engaging content. You will never attract high-quality leads if you invest in lead generation for construction. Your prospects will feel more confident in making informed decisions about their construction solutions if they have engaging content. Engagement content could include:

  • Photos - Before and After photos can make a big difference to new prospects.
  • Videos - A great way to keep up with the marketing curve. It's easy to make FAQs, how-to videos, and educational videos that add value to your market.
  • Case Studies - Featured Projects are a great way to show and explain to your prospects how your projects are handled and the results you deliver to them.
  • Consumer Awareness Guidelines - This content is designed to educate your market and aid in decision-making.

2. Advertise

Now that you know your niche, it's time to put that knowledge to work. You can place locally targeted ads in social media, Google Ads, and traditional billboards if you're doing remodeling work in a particular neighborhood. Potential customers will look for a company that has done great work in the past when choosing a contractor. They are looking for a trusted brand.

3. Contact Your Clients And Prospects

Instead of sending messages, call your prospects and clients each week. It is possible to make time to meet with several clients, prospects, and referral sources in person once per week. Remodelers AutoPilot app can help you keep in touch with former customers, leads, and prospects. You will help keep your company's memory fresh and open up new possibilities for you by staying in touch with them.

4. Choose One Segment Of Market

Do some research and choose one segment of the construction market that you want to focus on. You can create content for a specific market if you focus your attention on one market. Your users will be more likely to respond to your offer if you create relevant content. This allows you and your company to concentrate on clients and projects that are more rewarding, enjoyable, more lucrative, and less stressful.

5. Be Available For Your Construction Clients

Being available means all communication channels are open and someone is available to answer calls from customers and potential buyers. Don't let your email account get cluttered with unread emails or your Twitter account go stale. Clients will appreciate your prompt and efficient response. This will result in better reviews and a competitive edge.

No matter what strategy you choose, sticking with your plan until it becomes a routine will ensure your success. Although habits can be difficult to keep, they are very effective in the long term. You will be able to get more leads if you have a plan and stick with it.

Leads in Commercial Construction

You have gone to great lengths to make your company something you are proud of. You're a great worker, and you put your blood, sweat, and tears into your company. Now it's time for growth. Do not let fate decide. You must push your company's marketing in the same manner that you did your job to get your team's work done. Sometimes, this means that you have to put sweat equity into your marketing. This could be your time and possibly allocating resources to get more leads for commercial construction.

1. Niche Down To Focus On A Specific Industry.

Value: 100%     Times: High     Price: Lower

You can reduce the number of people that you target with your sales efforts, which increases efficiency. You will also find that you have more experience in the industry. Imagine that you have given four different types of clients (Apartment Buildings) your last four jobs. If they are all Apartment Buildings, you will be more likely to get leads for those looking for this type of work.

2. Get Specifics On Terms You’re Willing To Offer For Referrals And Partner With Other Local Businesses in Adjacent Industries.

Value: 80%     Times: Low     Price: Lower

It is easy to create a written agreement outlining the terms and place for both sides to sign. It is easier to get involved in specific industries. If this happens, we will offer a 10%, $1,000, or whatever referral fee for any projects you refer. You'll have an appealing offer and a solid sales tool if you can put it in writing. You can make an offer to promote yourself to people and companies you don't know.

3. Call Your Former Employees Or Bosses!

Value: 50%     Times: Low     Price: Lower

You may feel tempted to relax if your company is well-established. However, this can lead to you making fewer excuses for not getting new leads in the future. Reach out to your former bosses and work colleagues, especially if they have started a new business. This is a great reason to not burn bridges. Particularly when it comes down to commercial work, the number of people connected decreases with increasing influence. You should keep your relationships open and invite former bosses or employees out for lunch. Also, consider offering clear referral terms to help someone you know who might need your expertise.

4. Visit Networking Groups, Like A BNI or Chamber Of Commerce.

Value: 30%     Times: High     Price: Low

Although I can't endorse Business Networking International or any chamber of commerce for that matter, I recommend you to try them out. Even if you are only allowed to visit one or two times per month, I recommend that you go to all the B2B groups in your area. Weekly meetings can be difficult due to the long travel required to attend them. However, there is hope for some leads in the future. If you are anything like me, then you prefer to put your effort into things that offer a high return without spending a lot of time each month.

5. Create A Website That Showcases Your Best Work, Testimonials, Groups You’re A Part Of And Is Easy To Navigate And Nudges People To Contact You.

Value: 100%     Times: Medium     Price: High

This should be and will be a significant expense in the early stages of commercial building lead generation tactics. You might wonder why leads aren’t coming in on a regular schedule if you cut corners on this part of the process. There are many web design companies that sell low-quality websites. We specialize in creating SEO-friendly sites for construction companies. They look professional and stylish so they can get traffic from Google. Many companies offer web design. This is a good opportunity to use this as a foundational source of leads, and not just gloss over or try to put a varnish on a badly designed website.

6. Write About How You Are Solving A Client's Problem Through Construction Case Studies, And Offer Compelling Pictures.

Value: 100%     Times: Medium     Price: High

You can not only show your expertise to anyone who visits your website through a search engine, social media channel, or other means, but you can also increase the value of the post by sharing it and the pictures via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Regularly updating your website with content should be a priority. Ideally, this is combined with social media marketing and link-building efforts so that the hard work your company does for SEO content is being found on Google and other search engines.

7. Ask your customers to write reviews about you online, and publicize great reviews to get as much out of them as you can. When customers are extremely happy with your work, ask for referrals.

Value: 80%     Times: Very Low     Price: Low

Reviewers are so underrated that I would almost rate the value at 100 percent. They aren't worth much by themselves. And although sites like Houzz or Home Advisor may encourage you to post reviews, they will only help you and the people who already use that platform. While I don't mind anyone using any lead generation tactic I would not be against it. However, I have seen some very disappointing things about how Home Advisor forces you to give up your brand name. They also rank higher than other companies on Google for your name. These leads are often sold to other companies, so everyone is paying HomeAdvisor but one of them gets the job. The reason I encourage clients to leave reviews is that they are more likely to be featured on Google search result pages. Facebook and native Google reviews are the best options in this regard. I recommend creating a routine around asking satisfied clients for reviews after they've finished a job.

Hint: Sometimes, it may take a few nudges and you might need to give them bullet points (they will often ask for this).

8. Join Groups For Contractor Networking And Find Ways To Make Yourself Useful To Other Companies.

Value: 60%     Times: Medium-High     Price: Somewhat Low

There will be various types of gatherings for the construction industry, depending on where you live. These can include round-tables or networking events. It's a great way to make new connections and get ready for bigger opportunities. These events often feature companies who have been in the business for a while and can give insight into current industry challenges or the types of work that you might want to avoid. These events are a great way to meet other owners of companies who might be interested in hiring you.

Final Thoughts On Ways To Get More Commercial Construction Leads

It takes time to find commercial construction leads due to the higher standards required for these types of jobs. Before they can bid for larger jobs, many companies will have to start with smaller projects and build a good reputation.

Do not be discouraged. But, do your best to specialize and make yourself available to fellow members of the construction industry. No matter how good the economy is, you can still get leads. Keep your systems updated to ensure that you are able to continue building your business.

FAQs' About Getting More Construction Leads

What is the #1 way to increase construction leads?

You need new content and landing pages that people can find. Google will also help you determine the relative importance of your site. Strategic ways to pay for visibility via Facebook promoted posts and Google remarketing are both important. This is a great place to start.

To get more leads, do I need to hire a professional marketing team?

It doesn't mean you have to hire me as your marketing expert. However, a marketing expert (especially one that specializes in construction marketing) can help you move faster on these types of strategies and let you spend more time doing what you love - running your business.

How can I automate construction leads?

A lead generation company that is familiar with your industry can greatly increase your chances of turning on lead flow. This is more than large corporations like HomeAdvisors and Houzz. Steady Calls is a lead-generation and SEO company that works only with you. We only work with one service, and we don't accept any new clients. Then, we help you create content and get backlinks to your website from the internet - two of the most important pieces that will help you rank higher in Google. We can also help you get more calls and submissions via contact forms by tweaking your website design. This process is known as Conversion rate Optimization. If you are interested in a better future, send us a message.

Is a logo or brand important in generating more leads for construction?

Is your brand/logo a reflection of the quality work you do? It may seem insignificant, but is your ideal customer care important? According to data, they do. A group of women was polled to see if they would be turned off by a website's aesthetic if it was poorly done. 73% said yes. If the website's design was not representative of the company's quality, they said they would click away. Your company's marketing image can either attract or repel customers.

Names are important too. Ogilvy, an advertising magnate, says this: "What's in the brand name?" Maybe everything or, at most, a brand's identity, its personality, values, and reputation. It makes you stand out from your competitors and attracts customers. The brand name is not the brand. It's a shortcut to the brand promise. Sometimes, the brand name describes the product so well that it is often used as a synonym. Google is the universal term used for internet searches. Saran Wrap in the US refers to all plastic cling films, while Hoover in the UK refers to all vacuum cleaners

These 5 tests will help you determine if your brand is trustworthy.

  • Is it simple to comprehend, remember, spell, and pronounce?
  • Is it using figurative language to create the imagery you desire?
  • Is it a good fit for your target audience?
  • Is it distinctive enough to be noticed or is it easily confused with other brands?
  • Is it possible to reduce or abbreviate it in an acceptable manner?

Customers create brands, not companies. Brands are built by customers who create perceptions of and set expectations. These associations can be facilitated by your brand name. Your brand name should be easy to remember, catchy, and communicate your message. Now, what is your brand name saying about you?