Hi Durham Concrete Company,
In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, Durham Concrete Company!

Kyle with Steady Calls here.

Say, just want to drop this quick video to you to make sure that you're getting the maximum attention from Google as possible. In this video, I'll show you a few different things:

First of all, how you normally show up in your Google listing.

Secondly, how you show up around town. It's not the same as if you've searched just from your built place of business. Whether that's your shop or your house, you show up differently around town.

Finally, I want to basically show you the difference of where you are to where you could be by showing you the top competitor for concrete jobs in the Birmingham area.

So, let's get started!

So, first of all, if you were to search for "Concrete Services Near Me," I had Birmingham Alabama because I'm up in Iowa, okay? But "Concrete Services Near Me" is what most people search when they're looking for concrete services. They're looking, they're the people that are looking to have their driveway poured or to have their foundation set formed and set, you know?

For their own, for the new house, so the way this works is that you're often going to have an ad. And, an ad is going to garner anywhere between 5 to 15% of the traffic. The majority of the traffic though is going to go to these three listings here more often than not you're going to have a not have an ad there because it depends on if somebody's buying it or not and if they've optimized it to be right there.

But really what I'm noticing overall if I do this, I've been doing this for a few years now and I see that still, it's consistent. That only 5 to 15% of the traffic will go to the ad. When 60 to 70% of the traffic will go to the Google My Business Listings. My intuition says that there's a more higher trust factor for those that show up here without the ad showing up without the ad little note there than those that do so.

But in order to, so you've got anywhere between 5 to 15% for the ad. 60 to 70% for the Google My Business Listing. And then, 30% goes down to the rest of the organic down here and a small slice of traffic will go click on the "View All." And the "View All" currently is how you go, where you'll come up here because we'll have to search down here and find out, okay? 

Where's Durham at here and you're not showing up in this search at all. So that means that there's some work to be done. So, let's go to the next phase here where your where we'll look at your Google My Business Listing around town. So, inside here, I've pulled up your concrete company here and this is what a tool is called a Heat Map.

And what this Heat Map does is it pull. It's a-, this tool is a Google trusted service. So, what it does is it's integrated directly with the Google My Business Listing service. And basically, red is you can think of this like a stoplight. For starters is we all hate red lights because you always have to stop and you always you want to wait 5, 10 minutes for the lights to do its things before you can move on to the next round.

Yellow is okay. You might be able to squeak by but you probably end up stopping. Anyway, green is where we all want to be, right? Because that means you can keep on moving. You can keep doing your thing. You can get more done when you hit a lot of green lights, right? You can arrive earlier on time.

You're not going to be late if you hit then versus if you hit a lot of red lights. That's what's going to happen, right? Because we're all in a rush pushing things out this way. So, the way this translates into business though is the company that has the most green lights here is the company that's going to get the most calls because they're showing up the most when people are searching for it, right?

So that's how this works. The numbers on here translate into where they are, where you are in the search. So, if you see a number 2 or a number 3 here, you're, so you're coming up on when somebody's searching for "Concrete Companies Near Me." You're coming up either as number two, this is the second.

And then, we're coming up as the third here. That's what number 2 or number 3 means. Yellow means that you're anywhere between 4 to 7. 4 to 7 is yellow and then you start to turn orange and red after that. That means that you're below the fold. The fold is right here. I don't know if your kids are on Instagram but a lot of the views on Instagram will go to the attention.

That's just what the stuff. That's above the fold. It's similar here. Only a small slice as I said earlier, comes down here and does and go. It goes to see the whole post off while it's on Instagram or to see all the businesses if it's a Google search. So that's how that works. Now, the point number three is I'll show you basically the difference of where you are to where you could be, alright?

So, let's look at one of the top competitors for the Google My Business Listings in your SP in Birmingham Alabama. So, American Concrete has one of more dominant positions here. Because as you can see, they have a lot more 1's, 2's, and 3's. They're appearing a lot more than your company is.

What that translates into is that they're getting a lot more of the calls. Getting a lot more opportunities to bid jobs and the more jobs you bid, the more revenue. The more jobs you close which translates into the more revenue that your company gets which ultimately translates into the better.

You're able to treat yourself and your employees and ultimately how you're all able to take care of your families. So, it's all you can see. How everything translates that way? It's pretty straightforward. So, where does my company fit in? Well, well, how Steady Calls fits into the mix is that we service your Google My Business Listing.

So that Google comes to know you as the King of the Birmingham Alabama concrete area when if somebody searches for concrete in Birmingham. Your name will begin to come up more, and more, and more. So, you got to think of Google like your forgetful wife or sister or maybe your daughter.

Just date to get actually what you want done, you got to leave notes all over the place. You got to remind them over and over and over again. So, basically, that's what Steady Calls my business does with Google. As we paste sticky notes all over the Birmingham area using your map listing, reminding Google that who the concrete kings are.

That Durham Concrete Company are the real concrete service providers in Birmingham. So, I've stuck a map on this page, so you're able to see it. So, you can also-, just if your company's not coming up immediately, just put your just click on the arrow here and the search box will come down.

So, you just search for Durham, and then you click on yours and it'll the map will pop up just like if we were to search for like Ready Mix. Now, you can see all your competitors, how all your competitors pop up. This map will be viable for about 30 days. So, yep! Thank you for your time and talk to you later. Bye now!