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Hey, what's up, Home Improvements Concrete Co!

Kyle with Steady Calls here.

Say, I just wanted to send you this quick video to make sure you're getting the maximum attention from your Google My Business Listing as possible. In this video, I'll show you a few different things:

First of all, I want to show you how you show up normally in your Google My Business Listing and point out a few statistics there.

Secondly, I want to show you how you show up around Shreveport. You don't show up on the North side of Shreveport as you do on the South side. Yeah, it's not that's not the way the Google Maps are set up.

Finally, I want to show you using a special tool how you can where you basically how you can improve your specific listing.

So that's the way we'll go, alright? So, let's dive in, shall we, alright?

What I've done here is search the most common term, searching for concrete. If somebody's searching for "Concrete Services Near Shreveport" that means that they're wanting concrete services near Shreveport. I mean it's really that simple. If we look at your Google Map, if we look at, these the way these Google Map listings come up.

Sometimes, you're gonna have an ad up here. That's gonna take 5 to 15% of the people searching for this and take them to and they're going to select that service provider who's running the ad 5 to 15%. But the majority of people will come down here and do their Google My Business Listing, right?

Anywhere between 60 to 70% of people will do that, then the rest will go down here. Looking for the ones in what we call the organic listings or that what normally shows up as a normal Google search results. So that's how that's the breakdown 5 to 15% go to the ads, it adds, either, show up here or here.

60 to 70% percent of people will go to these Google My Business Listing. Why? Because they're trusted more than ads are people see ads. They instinctively know that somebody's buying a position there versus if you come down here. This means that people have earned that position the company's earned that position, right?

And then, they come to these three positions here and do what I call an Amazon Analysis where they look at, okay? Well, this Specialty Concrete Services has one star, right? So this doesn't mean that the company's a bad company, for instance. What it could mean is that they don't have reputation management service.

This is running right now. What that means is that they don't have somebody going out and collecting five-star reviews from their well-pleased customers. But anybody who's naively looking at this will think that there's, that Specialty Concrete Surfaces of Shreveport is a bad company. That's just the way it looks right now versus if you look at.

They got 1 star here versus 4.6 versus 4.5, so they got 10 star reviews there. The 10, 5 star reviews there, they're looking very good, but these ones are a hair bit lower on their overall average. But they have 34 reviews there, so I mean it's going to come down between these two for this position to further who gets the call, right?

So that's how this is, that's how this is all laid out, so it's important to remember those statistics for later on. But let's move on to part two, okay?

In this, I want to bring up a special tool that I use right, so this is called a Heat Map. And what this Heat Map does is it gives a location-based data from Google. It's one of Google's trusted services. A friend of mine just finished building this, but it took him two years to build it out, and now it's this is what the result of this two years with the work.

What that, what this tool does is it's integrated directly with Google. So that means it's pulling Google Maps data as if you were searching from Stonewall, or from Waskom, or Greenwood, or Willow Shoot, you know? There's a lot of different. It pulls in ever like as if you were searching from that location. Why is this important?

Because companies show up differently across town, right? What this means is that they're going to have 1. Well, let's go to the color coded. Next, that's probably the easiest way to do it, so you can see that there's green, yellow, and orange on this map. Green is the best because it means that the company is showing up there.

So this company, for instance, iConcrete Construction, right? So, iConcrete Construction means it's showing up. The green means it's showing up in these first three listings: 1, 2, and 3. So that means that nobody, they don't to be found the company, doesn't have to. Somebody doesn't have to go click on "View All" and look at the giant list of every Google Maps listing ever, right?

So that's how that's what the green means. Now, the yellow means it's behind the "View All" button and the orange means it's on it's even farther back behind there. What the yellow means, what the yellow indicates though is that there's it's not that difficult to transform that positioning into a green one.

That's the difference between the green and the orange. And then, if you get up to 20 that means it's red and that's even worse so that's the potential with it. It shows that there's a lot of potential for this icon for iConcrete Construction free force listing, right s? So that's the way, that's what it does.

That's how this listing tool works, right? And now, let's dive into your specific listing, alright?

Hey, Home Improvements Concrete! This is of your specific listing here. So, as you can see, as mentioned earlier, green is good because you're actually appearing on in that section of three here, right? So, 1, 2, and 3, what that means? What the yellow means is that you're pretty darn close. What red means is you got a lot of work to do and what orange means is you've got a little less work to do than the red, okay?

That's bottom line. That's how it comes out, you know?  Keep it simple, so the where you're coming up as yellow is a lot easier do that. So, let's say that, for instance, yes, "Hey, Kyle! How do I make my listing come up by Blanchard?" You know we're already coming up here and this top area just North of North Shreveport but we want to come over here and we want to begin to take over and get more attention.

Get our name out in the Blanchard area, okay? So, one simple technique to do is to go over to this web tool called Geoimgr (G-E-O-I-M-G-R). What that means is that what this tool does is that it pulls the specific latitude and longitude of a certain location and enables you to tag your images with it.

So that when Google goes and scans your image, what it does is reads the latitude, longitude, and it thinks of this specific location. So then, what does it think of that location? Well, the document name, okay? And the image description. The more you add, the better of Google likes you, you know?

But you can add concrete in here what and then I'll be satisfied. But we, our team does a lot more but it's a good start. So, if you were at, let's say, you did that. Let's say, you go in and upload an image to there, to this tool, and you go to your specific location. So, our location that we wanted to come up has was by Blanchard.

So, let's go up there, right? So, we're going to click and drag up there and we want to go up to Blanchard, okay? So then, we're up, then this is Blanchard. So then, we're going to click on Blanchard into the specific location. Now, the location icon is going to pop up there and that's how we know we're in the right spot.

Then, you're going to see notice how these two tags are differently. We want them to be the same, okay? We want the 30. We want the 32, 42 to become 3, 2, 5, 7. So, we're going to click "Write Tags, then this, then what that does is that tells us the write tag is on the image now. You got to forgive these guys for having or because I don't think they're quite done with the concrete job.

At least, I hope not. But anyway, then, you're going to name your image freshly poured concrete or something of that like, maybe you've got you can name your specific company in there. That's okay, too. But the more descriptive you add, the better off you are okay up to about. Probably, 5, 10 words but it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Then, you've got image description here. You can add some words in there. And then, at the end of those words, I would suggest adding your link to your website or link to your Google My Business, whichever you prefer. Then, you add, then you go download, and then you gotta upload that image that comes out and to put it up into your Google My Business Listing.

So, I'm assuming you know how to add images there. So, I'm not going to bother doing that but that's one tactic on how to start changing your yellow to green, alright? So, let me tell you a little bit more about the overall strategy that my company Steady Calls takes to optimize these listings.

And then, now, then we'll go from there, alright? Now that I've gone through your specific listing. I want to tell you a little about Steady Calls, my company. How Steady Calls helps out companies is that we service your Google My Business Map Listing so that Google comes to know you as the King of Shreveport Concrete, right?

Think of Google in this instance like your forgetful sister, or wife, or daughter, you know? You constantly got to remind them of the tasks that you want them to do now. Take out the trash, do the dishwasher, you know? Or if your wife's hanging around, you know? She's probably nagging you to do something, you know?

That's the way it always works. My wife's always nagging me to do something, too. But that's basically what Steady Calls does with Google is. Google is very forgetful of who's reminding who's really the best concrete company in Shreveport. So, Steady Calls will go in and remind Google by leaving sticky notes.

If you will through your Google My Business Listing all around your service area, right? So that's what Steady Calls does. Say, for instance, let's look at, let's go back to this tool. For a moment is where you've got. I say you service this whole area, but you're not. Google doesn't currently recognize you in Keithville, right? Or, maybe Taylor Town, right?

What Steady Calls does is we'll go in and paste sticky notes in Taylor Town Louisiana and put in your name in there. And so then, when Google comes by and scans whatever means, we put it in there. As maybe that's photo the Geotagged photo I showed you earlier. Then, we'll what that what we'll do is what that will trigger is Google see it real coming up with you on these first three listings after they get reminded enough.

That's simply put that's the way it works. In conclusion, I really appreciate your time. Please check out the attached Heat Map below. It's a blue button below and feel free to book a call with me or my team if when you're not pouring, so usually, you. There's an easy schedule appointment below. Thanks and I appreciate you, appreciate your time!