How To Get HVAC Leads in 2021 Guide

I understand what you want. You want to have a steady flow of HVAC leads, without spending money on B.S. You want leads that you can close and scalable solutions.

I can do what you need!

You need a steady stream HVAC leads that don't waste money on B.S. Leads that you can close are what you seek. You need scalable strategies to generate them. You're afraid to spend the time reading a 5-minute article right now. You can!

Perhaps you are afraid:

  • "This guide will try to sell me services."
  • "It will teach me all the strategies I already know."
  • "It will throw me into the deep end and not teach me how to do it."

First - A Few Principles For More Hvac Leads

  1. 1
    - Referrals are your number one source of income - so make sure to get customer service right.
  2. 2
    - Own your marketing.
  3. 3
    - Be familiar with your numbers and master the basics. Always double down on what is working.
  4. 4
    - It's not about you, but about the people.
  5. 5
    - Be there for them when they are looking.

Have A Persuasive Website With Social Proof + Strong Call-to-action

  • Showcase Reviews with Who Left Each. Display 5-star reviews for each HVAC company, a photo of reviewer, and a testimonial excerpt on every page
  • Speed up your website by using smaller images, Caching, Gzip, and a CDN.
  • It should look great on phones. Sometimes we forget to check the website or do quality control from our phones. But these days, more than half of your traffic to HVAC contractors' websites is using a smartphone.
  • Clear "call-to-actions" is a button that tells people what they should do next, such as 'Get a quote or something similar. The site's homepage, the bottom of each page, and the headline should be at the top right.
  • Answer their queries. We love an FAQ section and include the most frequently asked questions in our sales process. Include your service and sales team in the brainstorm to get answers to 5-8 of your top questions on each page.

Ensure that you have the right systems in place to increase your search engine traffic

  • Google Guaranteed. This is especially if you don't have any competitors, Google Local Services ads or Google guaranteed will allow you to appear at the top search results with a rating and are basically insane ROI. If you don't have them yet, at least try them.
  • Local SEO. Creating content for your HVAC business website and having systems around it. Getting links back to your site from other relevant websites. Targeting pages for the correct keywords. Making technical edits for structure, meta title, and description.
  • PPC for the most profitable keywords. The key point is to make sure that your budget is tight for terms that are most likely to turn into businesses. Google will do its best to spend as much budget as possible. How can you keep it tight? To ensure that your ad is shown, add negative keywords each week.

Diving Deeper Into Driving Boatloads Of Organic Traffic

"Invest at least half your marketing dollars HVAC SEO and Pay-Per-Click digital advertisements, Google My Business, Google Local Services, positive customer reviews, and Google My Business. Google search is the best way to find services today. Today, 70% of all services can be found online via Google searches."

  • Content on the key landing page. We recommend at least 500 words, especially for your most profitable services for your HVAC business.
  • Blogging is answering customers' questions and increasing your website traffic. This can also drive 'links back to your website, which is important for long-term rankings.
  • Local Citations, and Deeper Link Building
  • A persuasive website and higher ranking on Google = Lead generation. You don't need to use every tactic to increase your leads. Each and everything you do is helpful - but a professional site and SEO are two important systems that can help you build a larger sales pipeline.
  • Did you know that sponsorship of local events, local news, and other activities can improve SEO? We are proud to sponsor organizations and events and we take every opportunity to appear on local news. Are you unsure where to start? Use 'Help A Reporter Out' to answer a few questions from reporters every day!

Get Your Reviews Right On Google - If Nothing Else

  • PulseM can be a great way to get more reviews. You can ask after your initial consultation.
  • Podium uses text to communicate and ask for reviews. You will be able to use the chatbox to communicate with your visitors. However, make sure that someone is available to assist you if you use this function.
  • Online reputation + ratings are the foundation for everything you do in digital marketing. Asking - and understanding a 4.0+ rating can make or destroy you. So have your team follow these guidelines.

Video Testimonials Scale Out 'Social Proof'

  • You can now easily get a simple video from a customer who loves you. This is great news for both small and large businesses. Go get videos of customers who enjoyed working with you as soon as possible.
  • This allows potential customers to imagine after a project is completed. It's a powerful tool for promoting customer acquisition and deslight.
  • Keep videos short and sweet, a maximum of 1-2 minutes. It's a good idea to have your brand and a smiling face at the start of the video. Also, it's a good idea to include your tagline (if you have one) in the video so that it can be used as a remarketing video on social media.
  • Re-marketing video means that if someone visits your website, they can stay there for 10 days or more. You may also appear on Youtube and Facebook to remind them about your company. This ad format is easy to set up, provided you have a good video and 1000+ visitors per month. You may not be able to place ads for certain ad platforms if you have less than 1000 potential viewers.

Track Your Calls- And Ensure That Your Sales Team Always Levels Up

  • To track the number of calls you are getting from which place and to verify quality, use CallRail.
  • Develop ongoing systems to level up your reps. Let your reps "follow a golden thread" - ask them questions and find out what is important to them.
  • They should be offered a range of price points, and not just one.
  • Make sure you are training them in follow-ups, add-ons, and pre-calls. Check out this interview with Rob Ambrosetti of KGG Consulting, and Indoor Air Quality Solutions.
  • Talk to them and treat them as if they were a person!

Social Media Platforms Like Nextdoor And Facebook

  • Be visible and authentic on social media. If your company is over 1M+, you should be posting 2-3 times per week. A 5M+ company might set a goal to post on at least 2 platforms per week. It is difficult to be everywhere. Instead, focus on the top platforms where your audience spends the most time (e.g. Facebook, IG, or NextDoor).
  • Local Facebook Groups or NextDoor are great. This is especially if you have a referral partner that refers your HVAC services. You refer them out rather than promoting yourself.
  • Teach them how to DIY but make it a selling point for 'Done For You.' In the end, your content quality is what will create an audience. Two tips to increase the quality of your content: Use'subject matter specialists' and offer real tips. However, most of your best customers will prefer to hire a professional.
  • Paid ads to increase brand awareness. Once you have identified where your audience spends the most time, you can pay for more visibility and track where they are coming from. This will allow you to double your online marketing advertising spend on those that work and reduce the rest.

Email Marketing

  • Email marketing can be very effective, especially when you use 'drip sequences that are based on the time someone signed up to your list or have work done.
  • Put them in a cyclical email newsletter. Then, create seasonal campaigns based upon the needs you already see around those times and hitting them with occasional time-based offers.
  • Email is five times more likely to get a message seen than Facebook.
  • An HVAC Contractor email campaign is 6x more likely than a tweet to get a click-through.

Other Options

  • Pay per Lead. "Industry Sources estimated that acquiring a single client costs an HVAC contractor between $200-300." These numbers are also supported by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. According to ACCA, the industry average cost per lead (CPL), is $250-300 per lead.
  • Call Center. For instance from Modernize - "Homeowners ask to connect with local HVAC contractors. Modernize instantly matches local homeowners with your sales team. * Your team calls homeowner."
  • Do not forget the basics, such as Google My Business or Google Local Services Ads.

Some Final Thoughts: Hvac Leads On Autopilot

You want SYSTEMS to generate more leads.

Do not let an HVAC company convince you that they own all the systems they make. They can also own your website and all content created by them, whether it's through Facebook ads or a call center. You could find yourself in serious trouble if your company doesn't own it all.


You should find the things that work and do more of them. We are here to help you if you're interested in HVAC search engine optimization. To get started, send us a message or call us now.

FAQs’ About HVAC Lead Generation:

You want SYSTEMS to generate more leads.

Do not let an HVAC company convince you that they own all the systems they make. They can also own your website and all content created by them, whether it's through Facebook ads or a call center. You could find yourself in serious trouble if your company doesn't own it all.


You should find the things that work and do more of them. We are here to help you if you're interested in HVAC search engine optimization. To get started, send us a message or call us now.

How can I obtain HVAC leads?

Referrals are the best way to get HVAC leads. Make sure you have a sticker for all your items. Also, make sure it is well-designed and includes a website and number. Referral leads can be the easiest to close. The second-largest portion of leads comes from being visible on Google (through advertisements or finding ways to rank higher in the organic listing). Mailers and directories are important, but online marketing is the most powerful type of advertising that you should pursue.

What is the cost of HVAC leads?

While you may be tempted to buy leads from companies like HomeAdvisor or Facebook Ads for you, I recommend OWNING YOUR MARKING and owning the methods to generate leads for your business. According to industry sources, acquiring one customer can cost an HVAC contractor anywhere from $200 to $300. Many shared lead sites will sell leads to multiple companies, which can indicate low quality.

Do HVAC contractors make good money?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median HVAC technician's annual salary is $48,730 or $23.43 an hour. HVAC business owners and administrators may earn significantly more. An apprenticeship in HVAC is a great way to gain practical experience. You will receive on-the-job training and hands-on experience from HVAC technicians during an HVAC apprenticeship. Make sure you apply to a company that is committed to the development of its employees and recognizes how you are just starting your HVAC career. Many people are looking for new employees and are open-minded to exploring creative ways to find them.

How can HVAC companies increase their sales?

It's more than just increasing leads for your HVAC company. You can also increase your profit and revenue through digital marketing. Your HVAC company's bottom line will benefit more if you are closer to signing deals and checking. You might also consider sales training, which can help increase employee confidence at home. You can get more reviews and social proof for your company/brand. Offering add-ons to increase your home visit revenue can have a significant impact.

How can HVAC companies market themselves?

1. Google Local Service Ads.
2. Google Ads.
3. Create blog content and landing pages to promote niche services.
4. Your website's visual appeal can be increased by using persuasive images and headlines.
5. Videos of information on social media that can be promoted via Facebook ads.
6. Participating in local events and giving away prizes
7. Referring to other services at home?