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In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, KD Concrete!

Kyle with Steady Calls.

I wanted to send you this video to make sure you're getting the maximum attention from Google as possible. In this video, I'll show you a few different things.

First, the view of your Google My Business Listing as normal.

Second, the view of your Google My Business Listing, as it is across the city. It's different on the North side of Clarksville than it is on the South side.

Finally, I want to show you the difference between where you are and where you can be by showing, comparing your city Google My Business Listing from the top competitor, the top concrete company in Clarksville at this moment.

Let's dive in, alright?

In this first part, I want to show you around the Google My Business Listing. This is how if you search for "Concrete Services Near Me." I'm using Sioux Falls just as an example, but this is how things come up.

Sometimes, you'll have an ad here that's gonna take 5 to 15% of the traffic right. And then, you might have another ad here, same thing, it's going to build into that percentage. Then, your 60 to 70% of the traffic's going to pick one of these Google My Business Listing.

All three combined make about 60 to 70%, then the rest of it is going to go down here to the organic listings. One thing that's key to remember here is people love to scroll rather than click. So, people of small might knew slice of.

People will go down here to click on all of them to see all the concrete companies now throughout this video. What I do is I refer to this part. These three listings as being above the fold and every listing that you have to can only see by clicking the "View" button as below the fold, right? That's how this works!

So that I just wanted to break down the traffic for you in this video. Again, 5 to 15% will to go to the ads. Then, 60 to 70% will go to the business listings and the rest will go to the organic results with a small smidgen of going to this. Clicking on the "View All" to see all the concrete companies.

The ones that do stick around on this page will more than likely find the ones that will do like an Amazon, what I call an Amazon Analysis here. First of all, you have 2.8 stars here, then you have 3.0 or 300 3 stars and then, you have 5 stars they're going to look at.

Oh well, this one's got 2.8. It's not as good as the 3.0 and the 3.0 is not as good as the 5.0. We're going to click the 5.0. That's what the majority of people are going to go for that's the importance of having high-quality reviews on your Google My Business Listing. But first, you have to get up to this third, these three in order to make that a reality, okay?

Let's dive into part two where I'll show you how your concrete company appears around the city!

KD Concrete out of Clarksville Tennessee, here's your video on your how you appear across town. So, what this is? This is a Heat Map. What it does is it pulls information directly from Google's My Businesses API and it does it on a location specific basis. So, what it does is say, you're up here by Trenton, right? And you pull and somebody searches for the most common search phrase for concrete.

When people when looking for concrete service, they've got "Concrete Companies Near Me." So, what the what that does is that pulls the, you're going to come up there because you're-,no. No, you're the second Google My Business Listing in that area. You're above the fold. What is above the fold mean?

Above the fold means that you're above this "View All" section if you're listing 3, 2, and 1. That's where you're gonna come up. You're gonna you're eligible to get 33 of the traffic that comes through there. What I mean by traffic as I think? I explained it earlier is I've got is you search for "Concrete Services Near Me," right?

That's what people looking to buy are looking to purchase a foundation. Interested in getting a quote on that, or they're looking to buy, or get a retaining wall installed, or have a driveway port. Those kinds of things they're looking. They're looking at per looking to purchase is what they're doing.

So then, they're going to come down here. 5 to 15% is going to go to the ad as we mentioned earlier but 60 to 70% of the traffic is going to come here. And then, they're going to do what I call an Amazon Analysis. They're going to look at "Oh! Company number one offers this but they only got a 2.8 star rating!" 

But then, and so, does "Company number two, they've got a 3.0 a little better than this one but not by much." So then, they're going to go down here. Well, we got a 5 star rating over here. So, "We're going to give this guys a shot!" They're not going to go on and do all the products there. They're only going to or all the companies there.

They're just going to bet the first three because it's easy, right? And people take the path of least resistance. So that's how this works here, alright? As far as location-based specific. As you can tell in most areas around town, it wouldn't take too much to push you from a 4 to a 3 to a 2 to a 1 around there.

You're not very far. You don't have a lot of red like, for instance, like if we were. You were like go to "Let's go to-! I gotta roll scroll down a little farther!" I think a lot of other concrete companies. They're gonna have a ton of red like this in here. So, if we go down here, Portable Concrete, tons of red. So, they're-, you're doing better than others.

But again, it doesn't really matter who's behind you here. It matters who's in front of you and how do you beat them. So, I want to show you here. I want to show you how you compare to the top collar company in Clarksville and then we'll go on into what Steady Calls my company does, alright?

So, in this, I wanted to show you part three where we are things, what could things could look like. So, in part one, I showed you what you look like from your Google My Business Listing. Part two, I showed you what you look like across town, and here's what that major compel the biggest competitor for concrete contractors in Clarksville.

How they come up on the maps? Now, similar scale, but before green means, they're getting more calls. Yellow means they're not getting calls, they're getting few of the calls, and red means they're not really getting any of the calls here. What that means is that on most of this area, they're gonna honoring the calls.

They're getting calls from the Northwest side of town, as well as, the South side. They're very close to garner on the South or on the Northeast side, as well. They're only one or two away from there, so this is what bit your business listing could look like. But you might be asking how do we get there, that's where my company comes in Steady Calls.

How Steady Calls helps companies is that we service your Google My Business Listing. So that Google comes to know you as the king of Clarksville, Tennessee concrete. Think of Google like your forgetful sister or wife. To stay at the top of their mind, you got to continually remind them of what you want to do.

Basically, that's what Steady Calls does with Google. We paste sticky notes all over the area using your Google My Business Listing, reminding Google who the true concrete kings of Clarksville concrete are. Overall, thank you for your time watching the video. Please check out the attached Heat Map below, you can check out your competitors there, as well. Looking at by clicking the down arrow, you can scroll through whoever's on the list.

They'll flip the map rankings for you, as well. This map listing will be available for the next two weeks, three weeks or so somewhere in there. If you're going to check it out, check it out soon. Also, you can schedule a call to learn more with my about what Steady Calls could do for your business using the schedule below. Thanks! Talk to you later, bye!