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In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, King Concrete Finishing!

Kyle with Steady Calls here. 

Today, I just wanted to drop a quick video here to make sure that you're getting the maximum attention from Google, your Google My Business Listing as possible. In this video, I'll show you three different things:

First of all, how you normally show up on Google Listings, I should point out a few things there.

Secondly, I want to show you how you show up around town.

And finally, I want to show you basically the difference of where you are to where you could be by showing you how the current competitor shows her top competitor in Birmingham shows up around town, based on either, compared to where you guys currently show up.

So, let's dive in!

Inside here, this is if you search for "Concrete Services Near Me" (I had Birmingham, Alabama up in Iowa), so this is what comes up. So "Concrete Services" is the most searched phrase for people looking to buy looking to invest their money in a new driveway or a foundation for their home.

That's what it comes down to here. When people search for that often, you're gonna have an ad show up as we see here. You're probably gonna have another ad here and then what's guaranteed pretty much to show up. Unless, you only have one concrete company in the space, which isn't true for out Birmingham there, like there's 10, I believe.

But these are the where a lot of the traffic goes. Statistically, how it breaks down is anywhere between 5 to 15% will of people will go in and buy it from the ad or click on the ad. Then, 60 to 70% the majority will go on to the Google My Business Listings for it to have their services fulfilled.

Because they're searching for Google Map, they're searching for concrete services, they're going to go to the service area to do that. And the reason why I think that people only serve a lot of traffic bypasses the ad is that it's not true in this case. But they think that people can just buy their way to the top, so are they really that reputable company.

Versus, it takes a lot of real work to get up to the top. It takes a little bit of time, a little bit of investment to get up to the top here, so you know? It's a lot more trustworthy, a lot more reliable to be in this section here. I'll show you why over here in a minute. But then the rest of the traffic may the 15 to 25% will come down here and find this place here.

A small slice of the traffic will come down here and click on "View all," so they can go and find their company here. So the way this works is that we'll have to go find your company down here. It's inside, let's go back over to here, make sure we're not. Your company's not coming up in this particular Google, a Google search.

So that might be because I'm so far North of you guys. Let's not go to my, because I can't find you guys right here. But let's go to my, let's go to this more, more accurate tool over here. This is called a Heat Map here, this is a Google trusted service. What it does is it initiates a search from these various areas around town.

And then, show comes up with a number based on where you cut, where you appear. So we've color-coded this, too. Basically, it looks like a stoplight, you know? We all hate red! Red means you're pretty much toast.  You have to wait the 5 to 10 minutes to go about your business.

Versus, yellow means you can get by, but and green means you're golden. You can keep on going moving forward. In bit business-wise, the way this translates is that green means you're very likely to get the call. It means you're in the above the fold on here. Because remember, most people don't go click on the "View All," but the majority of traffic goes to the first three listings here.

The way this works is that if you're in the number 1 to 3, that means you're likely to get the call. You have anywhere between a 3rd, you have a 33% chance of getting the call and what you're basically split between 1 to 3. Versus, if you're having a yellow, you're below the fold, so you're not very likely to get the call.

And if you're orange or red that means you're on the second page and you're pretty much not gonna get the call, ever, if you're over there. So that's the way this works. Now, I wanted to show you where you showed up around town, but I also wanted to show you where you could be.

So, let's look at the top competitor in the space and how they appear. They've got a lot more green here and so they're showing up a lot more regularly than you are. So that's remembered, what green translated into more people who are wanting to get their driveways or foundation's board, and a variety of other services.

But they're looking to buy they have the money and they're looking to get a bid on it. They're trying to find the best concrete company that way. You're going to go out and be able to bid a lot more jobs when you have a lot more green like this company does.

And what Donald, what bids translate into is more closed jobs and what close jobs translate into are as revenue. The more and, you know? The more revenue that you get, the better you can take care of your family and your employee's families, which is what we all want. 

We all want to take care of our loved ones and our family and friends as loved ones, as well. So that's the way it works, but so where does my company fit in? Well, we help companies by servicing their Google My Business Listings so that Google comes to know you as the true king of the space.

So that instead of just being king and name, you can be the actual king of the space through working with us. It takes a little bit of time, but we can get you there. You got to think of Google like you're, either, forgetful sister, wife, or daughter, you know? In my case, I got a forgetful sister and a forgetful wife.

In order to have them actually do what I want them to do, I got to leave sticky notes all over the house. So, I got to continually remind them of the thing I'd like them to do. What you'd like similar for what you would like your spouse, or your dog, wife, or your daughter to do, you got to leave continual notes around the house. 

You got to remind them over and over and over again. Basically, that's what Steady Calls my business does with Google. We paste sticky notes all over the Birmingham area, reminding Google through your Google My Business Listing that the true king of concrete in the area is King Concrete Finishing.

I've attached this map below, so if you want to see how your competitors show up and if you're not showing up on there immediately, then you can look at. You can just come up and search your name. If you search for King Concrete, then you just when you click on that, it'll come back there.

Versus, if you want to check out like places like you want to check out a different business, you can look at it. It'll flip the listings on there, so you can see how the other maps are showing up for the other companies, your competitors, as well. I appreciate your time. Thanks! Feel free to schedule a call, contact us below. Thanks, bye!