Hi Liming Concrete,
In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Alright, Liming Concrete!

This is your Heat Map of your specific business over the top the city of Springfield, Missouri. So, inside here, you're going to notice that you have a strong command over the North side of the city with your Google My Business Listing. You don't miss a beat here. But as you go South, the quality of your listing goes South, as well.

You cover a significant amount of this East side but then you lose start losing it on the this more of South corner if you will. So, how would you begin to take this area and take over this? As you go to the South half of downtown Springfield, well, then, using a simple technique called uploading location tagged images to your Google My Business Listing.

That's where you can begin to take over more market share in Springfield. Let me show you how. So, inside here, this is a tool called Geoimgr. It's free to use it for 15 images per day. So, theoretically, this is just 9 by 9 grid. So, there's 81 dots here if you were to take 81 of your images and that may sound like a lot.

But if you have a video, you can easily create that many screenshots of different parts of the video. You can create a lot more power in your Google My Business Listing. So, what you'll do is you'll come over to your Geotag, upload a photo. I've already done so for time sake but then you're going to find the different locations.

You want to load you want on your map, it shows that you want, too. You lose positioning as you go to the South, Southern side of downtown Springfield. So, we want to start there because that's yellow and it's easy to take over. You're going to click on that area. Notice the latitude and longitude marks well.

We're going to tag that to the image so by clicking "Write EXIF Tags." Then, we're going to name it your most profitable service. Whether that's providing concrete products, providing concrete to us to specific jobs well, or whether that's finishing concrete, whichever ones you're most profitable and put it there, okay?

Then, you're gonna name your secondary ones. The ones that aren't as profitable but you still go out and do, okay? 5 to 8 words up top 5 to 10 words below and then you're going to add your link to your website as well here. Then, you're going to download the image and you're going to upload it to your Google My Business Listing, right?

So then, you then, what that's going to do is Google is like watches, like a hawk over your Google My Business Listing. So, the minute you update anything in there, they'll take it out, they'll examine it. So, basically what Google's gonna do is "Hey! Hey! We got a new image over here and then they're gonna come in.

The robot team will come in and scan the latitude and longitude "Something happened on the Southern half of the downtown Springfield Missouri here! Something happened, what is it?" Then, they're going to read this and say, "Okay!" They're going to read your most profitable service here: "A freshly poured concrete parking lot."

In my case over here, so then, they're going to be-, and so, then, they're going to say "Well, who did this?" Then, they're going to go back to "Well, Liming Concrete did this because it's their Google My Business Listing!" They're going to be going to more and more associate your name with your most profitable service.

If you go through the few hours, it's going to take to do this. That's how it works. So that's just one technique among a lot of different techniques that Steady Calls my company uses to optimize Google My Business Listings, right? So, just like you, when you're finishing up concrete, you've got all sorts of tools to use like floats, trowels, and control joiners.

At the end, you use a-, you might be using a broom finish or a stamp or you might. And as you're finished up the curve, you might use a darby, you know? Just like that, we've got all these different techniques to optimize your Google My Business Listing. Because the easier the technique, the more easier your competitors can do it as well.

So, we want to make sure that we set you apart that way. So, what we'll go in and do is set up all sorts of different pages on your website that can that show that you are the King of Springfield Missouri concrete, right? And then, we'll go in and do all sorts of pretty geeky technical optimizations that are all white hat.

That are all legitimate but aren't known by very many companies. So that'll set you apart for years to come, alright? So that's how that's kind of what Steady Calls does. But in the-, let me summarize for what on what Steady Calls does. The overall approach that we take towards Google My Business Listings now.