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Meyer Construction Co - Springfield - MO

Hey, what's up?

Kyle with Steady Calls here.

Say, I wanted to make this video for you to make sure you're getting the maximum attention from your Google My Business Listing as possible. So, in this video, I'll show you three different things:

First of all, I want to show you how basically, how you normally see your Google My Business Listing and I want to point out some statistics there.

Secondly, I want to show you how your company shows up around town using a Heat Map tool. So, this is the Heat Map tool here, right?

And then finally, what I want to show you is basically your specific listing and the one means and how you one technique on how you can start pulling showing up more in the different areas around town using a tool called Geoimgr, okay?

So this is that's how it all will play out here, alright? So, let's dive in.

First of all, we're going to talk about your Google My Business Listing, so we're going to talk get out of Sioux Falls here and we're going to go to Springfield Missouri, right? Search instead for "Springfield Missouri," so this is how your normal listings come up here, right? So, first of all, you have no, if you're gonna have an ad, you're gonna have it right up here or right up above your first listing there.

That's those are gonna take 5 to 15% of the traffic, statistically speaking. Once the that's done there, the next section is the Google My Business Listing section, you're normally gonna see these. So, 60 to 70% of the traffic looking for "Concrete Services Near Springfield Missouri" will come to this area and stop and find their business via what I call an Amazon Analysis.

So they're going to look at, okay, Liming Concrete's got 4.7 stars and they have 45 reviews. SMCS Springfield Concrete Services has 5 stars and they got well they only have 1 review with that. Selby's Concrete is a middle runner, they've got 5 stars and 6 reviews that are 5 stars. So that's the, so basically what's going to be between these two companies.

I would imagine because or sorry Selby's and Liming because they have a lot of reviews not quite as high, but they have a lot of reviews there. And Selby's has all 5 star reviews, but not as many. So, I would imagine the call is going to be between those two. But first of all, you have to get your listing to come up in these first three positions in order for you to even play the Amazon Analysis game with your customers or potential customers.

So, how do you begin to get your listing in there? First of all, you got to know where it is. So, what we do is we start our due diligence on every single one of these Google My Business Listings. We're using this Heat Map tool. Now, what this Heat Map tool does is it tells me how your business comes up around Springfield Missouri.

As you can see over by Turners, Selby's Concrete dominates that area with position number one. Now, but as you go North and as you go West, you have Selby's starts to lose it well as you go as you get closer to Willard and up by the airport, alright? So that's where this is the power of the Heat Map is.

It tells you that you don't appear the same ways around town. So that's how the Heat Map works, alright? So, in this next section, I want to dive into a specific listing and give you more specific details on how you would begin to change it, alright? Me
yer Construction Co, let's get into it! This is your specific Heat Map over the city of Springfield Missouri.

If we look at this, you've got some green going along here in the center. And then, as you go a little bit more South and East, you've got some green there as well. Now, what green means is that you're showing up here in the listings here room and a reminder. These get 60 to 70% of the people looking for concrete services in Spring, near Springfield.

The rest of them go down here and some go to the ads that are sometimes up here. So, now, what yellow means is that it's relatively easy to get your lap listing in there. Red means it's going to take a little more work and orange means it's going to be difficult is going to be in between there.

When we optimize your listing, what we'll do is send you a link that'll give you that'll update and have reports on whether your listing is changing on the changes that are taking place in your listing and where they're taking place. So then, you'll be able to easily see that our services are working.

But so, what kind of services are those? Well, there's one simple one that you can do over the next week and do it and put your listing in a way better place for the next major concrete season. I'm assuming that I'm up in Iowa and so our concrete season is slowing down up here because of the sea.

Because the seasonal change, we had a few rounds of snow. And then, we, it's relatively cold outside at this point. So, I'm assuming that yours is about there as well. So then, the next concrete season will come will really start up. Again, come spring and things melt out. So, how can you position yourself?

Well for that, well there's a simple technique called Geoimaging your pictures. So, you're Geotagging your images until to do that. We'll use a tool called Geoimgr (G-E-O-I-M-G-R). Google it all, it'll pop up. This is a free tool. They have a paid tier that enables you to use the search box but for what you're doing, you don't need it.

First of all, you're going to click on the blue box here and upload an image, right? I've already done so for time sake. Then, you can, then we're going to select a place on the map that we want to cut your list to come up as. So, inside of Springfield, we want to dead on the Springfield labeled here would be a good one because we're right by the Five, so right at the D in Springfield because we want to move from strength to strength.

You're strong here. So, we want to expand that strength up North into the downtown of Springfield. We're going to do it everywhere but this is just for an example. So, we're going by the D in Springfield, right? And then, notice how we get the latitude and longitude here. So then, we're going to we want the new Geotag, too.

Also, be the existing. Notice how it's 37, 207 here and 37, 337 is going to change here. Just so now, it's now it's written. You get photo tagged indicator there. And then, here, you're going to name your document, right? We want to call it the ideal job that you want to get in that area. So, what's the most profitable jobs that you can do?

Name 1 or 2 of them here in the document name. And then, in the document description, put a link to your website. If you don't have one, we're running a deal on there. You sign up with us for your GMB services. We'll throw in a website for 500 bucks on the 50 revolving maintenance fee, so this is. Let's just go in here.

We're going to download the image and then we're going to upload that to our Google My Business Listing, okay? So that one. So then, when Google comes along, they're going to scan that Google My Business Listing because they're on that like hawks "Hey! Hey! We got a new image! We got new image! What is it? What is it?"

They're going to know. Their robots are going to scan the latitude and longitude and they're going to be like "Hey! Something happened at the D in Springfield right here! What happened?" Then, they're going to read the document name immediately: poured concrete parking lot. So, they're going to associate, start associating your company name Meyer Construction Co with poured parking lot for poured concrete parking lot, whichever or whatever your most profitable service is.

So that's just one of the different techniques used to optimize your map listing there. As when you're finishing a concrete job there, you're using floats, trowels, control joiners, brooms, even a darby for crying out loud for curbs but you've got just like that. You've got all sorts of techniques to use to optimize your Google My Business Listing.

Let's get into the overall strategy that Steady Calls my company takes and we'll go from there, alright? Now, you've seen the technique the easy technique of tagging your images and uploading them to your Google My Business Listing via Google via Geoimgr. So, let me dive in a minute to how Steady Calls helps companies optimize their listing, the bigger 10 000 foot view.

How we do this is we service your Google My Business Listing so that Google comes to know you as the concrete King of Springfield Missouri. Think of Google in this case like your forgetful sister, or wife, or daughter, or maybe that's sexist forgetful son, too. But anyway, to stay at the top of their mind, what we have to do is like my mom and my wife are both fairly forgetful.

Have to leave sticky notes all over the place so that they remember to do what I want them to do or what they need to do throughout around the house, right? Or, what my mom's going to give me a call at XYZ time, so I got to send her texts a reminder of this stuff, you know? So that's how it works. But basically, that's what Steady Calls does with Google because it has to be done.

Google is very forgetful. We paste sticky notes if you will via your Google My Business Listing all over your service area. For instance, if you service this whole area around Springfield, which you very well might, that's what will that's what we do. We pay sticky notes in each one of these areas.

Probably, even more, detailed than that because each one of these bubbles is 2.5 miles apart from the next one. What we'll go down is to a mile by mile grid or even closer than that, so because we can go. We can dive into a radius that's 0.5 of a mile or even a quarter-mile apart.

So then, we'll do, what we'll go through is paste sticky nodes in each one of those areas and over time not give it 3 to 6 months. Google will begin to recognize you as the concrete King of Springfield Missouri. So that's how this works. I really appreciate your time. Please check attach the attached Heat Map below.

I've been showing you up here, you can find via the blue button below. If your company isn't the first one to show up here, that's because there's a link up here that's just going to be specific to the company that was named here. You can find your company over here, wait, if you click on the arrow and then you can select your company by scrolling or by searching for the name, right?

So that's how you're able to do that. So, with that, have a great day and please feel free to schedule a call with my me or my team below and we'll run a specific Heat Map for your service area and for your company. It's focused on your specific company there. Takes us about 5 to 10 minutes to run. We can schedule a 15-minute call and we'll go from there. Appreciate it and talk to you soon!