Hi Oklahoma Mobile Concrete,
In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, Oklahoma Mobile Concrete!

Kyle with Steady Calls here.

I wanted to drop you this quick video to make sure you're getting the maximum attention from Google Your Google My Business Listing is possible. So, in this video, I'm going to show you a few three different things:

First of all, how you show up in your normal Google My Business Listing. Just want to point out a few statistics there make sure you're aware of that.

And then, secondly, I'm going to show you how you show up around town because if you search for a- if you're doing a job out on the North side of Broken Arrow and you search for "Concrete Companies Near Me," you're not going to show up at the same. As if you're back at your place of business or you don't know either your house or shop and you search for "Concrete Companies Near Me," which is the most common search term for people who are looking to have their driveway done or have a retaining wall poured or how to layout their foundation.

Finally, I'm going to show you basically the top competitor showing up in Broken Arrow at this time. So, basically, that's the difference of where you are to where you could be.

So, let's get started, alright?

Inside here, this is the-, if you search for "Concrete Company Services Near Me," most common search term and I add "Broken Arrow, Oklahoma" because I'm up in Iowa. So, to get the local results, that's what I do. But sometimes, you're going to have an ad up here and sometimes you'll have an ad as the first listing here.

What that ad is going to take anywhere between 5 to 10% of the traffic coming to here. And by traffic, I mean people who are looking to get bids on either foundations, their retaining walls, their patios, any kind of their concrete jobs. Essentially, the concrete work that they need done. So, with that, what that means is that you've got buyers coming directly to this page looking at "Okay! Well, who do we go after here?"

15, 5 to 15 goes to the ads, then 60 to 70% goes to these three listings here. Then, the difference of that goes down. Take you goes to what we call the organic results. So, in order to find does to find a company that's not ranked, not set up here, we put we have to go on the "View All." Now, scrolling is preferred over clicking when it comes to being on the web, it's just easier.

That's what people are more conditioned to do from social media. People like to just scroll down Facebook Feed. They call it, you know? But in order to do this, what we have here. We gotta find your Google My Business Listing. So, we're gonna go down the way here and see where it is. If it pops up here or not.

We've got page two here are searching a different location, so you're not coming up on this search. But let's move into the part two here and see where you're coming up around town, alright? So, Oklahoma Mobile Concrete, what this is? This is a Heat Map. Now, a friend of mine's been working on this for two years.

He's into programming and software engineering but this is a Google approved service. So, we're given a direct integration with Google. We're pulling the map listing information into a location-specific, you know a grid. So, this is this grid is a in the case, where e where your listing comes up if somebody was searching for that like from that location.

For example, if somebody's searching for your business down and you're close to Leonard down by Leonard, say, they're right hanging out by the river and they're third. Well, we've got some concrete work we need to do. So, we're gonna search for "Concrete Companies Near Me" down there.

You're gonna come up as number 8 or number 11 that way, right? And versus if you're coming around versus if you're, if they're searching for around Anola, you're going to come up as number 3 now and the numbers really don't matter. Except for now, if you're out the difference between it's in, either, or if you're coming up as a number 1 through 3, or if you're anything above that.

Because the difference is remember, 60 to 70% of the traffic comes to these three here. So, if you're appearing more often, you have way more likelihood of getting a lot more calls of people who are interested in getting a bid on your, their the concrete work that they need done. So, if you're the more green you have, the more calls that you get, right?

So that's how this all works out to be, so versus-. So, overall, you've got a lot of 5's going on and 4's. So, it wouldn't take much effort, much time to be able to put in for you to come up a lot more often around town. Now, I want to move into the third part here. Basically, where you offer comparing where you are to where you could be, alright?

Let's move into that one! Now, Broken Arrow Contractors has a lot more of 2's and 3's around the space. So, what they have? They're coming up around is a lot more getting. A lot more calls heading in their direction because they're showing up above the fold, right? So that they're getting a lot more calls heading to the business and the reason why this is significant is because, you know? That the more calls that you get, the more bids you're able to put out the more jobs you're able to close.

Ultimately, the better you're able to take care of your family, out family, and employees. Then, if you're not getting as many calls, you can't close business. That doesn't come in your direction. It's just not, it doesn't happen. So, the more calls, you position yourself to get the better off you'll be.

So that's where Steady Calls comes in. My company, we help companies by servicing your Google My Business Listing so that Google knows or comes to know you as the king of the concrete service space in Broken Arrow, right? You got to think of Google like your forgetful sister, or wife, or daughter. I don't know what point in life you are.

I got a my forgetful sister and wife. So, I got if I want them to do something, I have to continually put it in front of them either with a sticky note or the text or anything like that. That's basically what Steady Calls does with Google as we paste sticky notes or and send text to Google from all over the web or from all over.

In this case, the Broken Arrow area reminding Google saying "Hey! Oklahoma Mobile Concrete is the best service to put up here! Hey! Oklahoma is the best one here over and over and over again!" That's what can that's what we do. So, on this web page, you're going to see that we've included the map below here.

You're able to see what the listings are up here. If yours isn't popping coming up first, what you're able to do is search for it up here Oklahoma Mobile Concrete. So then, you're able to pull up your listing. You can also look at all the competitors in town if you want to see where they are compared to you, alright?

You can also-, I've also included a schedule, you can put. You can schedule a call with my team when you're not pouring. Not sure what the weather is like down there at this point of the year. We just up in aisle. We just had our 6-inches of snow. So, concrete pouring outside is on pause for now up here so, alright? Looking forward to hear from you soon and let me know if you've got any questions. Thank you! Bye!