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In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, Penny Earned LLC!

This is Eric with Steady Calls!

I wanted to shoot this quick video to make sure that you are maximizing your Google My Business Listing.

First, we're going to take a look at how your business shows up in a normal Google search.

And then, how that Google search changes depending on where you are around town.

And then, we'll take a look at how the top competition shows around shows up around Montgomery.

So, this is a basic Google search of concrete services and I put the city-state because I'm actually in Iowa. So, I need that locational trigger but you can do a search just "Concrete Services Near Me" and get to a very similar page. A couple things to draw your attention to if there are any ads, they'll usually show up above the map pack here that's this section and the ads get about 5 to 15% of the traffic.

And, you can think of traffic as eyeballs on your phone number just like how foot traffic whether it's going past your shop seeing your sign, or seeing a truck out in on a job. Those are eyes that are taking a look at that phone number. And if they're looking for concrete services, they can give you a call.

So the ads get about 15 at most this map pack is where the Google My Business Listings are and these get about 60 to 70% of the calls. And then, underneath the map pack are the organic listings, the organic websites, and they get about 20 to 30%. But I want to focus on the GMB's. One thing to note here is that Google really makes it easy for those customers, potential customers to call these top 1, 2, and 3 businesses.

That are in the map pack by putting the phone number out there and also giving them a couple metrics for comparison like reviews and you can also see how close they are to- maybe stay stick super hyper-local in your own area. When people are scrolling past, the majority of the calls go to these top three because they're what I call above the fold and this is a concept that has to do with this button here.

This expands and if some a searcher, chooses to hit that button, then they can get the access to the full list of all of these GMBs' and phone numbers. And, they could even keep clicking through if they're- until they find what they're looking for. But be the concept of being above the fold is that these top three businesses get the majority of the results because they're- they don't need that decision maker.

The fold comes from when you would receive letters, you know? You get a specific amount of text to decide whether you need to unfold the letter and read the entire thing. So, in this case, the only reason a lot of people even hit this button to see number four is if they don't get what they're looking for in these top three.

So that's a basic Google search. Next, I want to take a look at a tool that's called a Heat Map. So, with a Heat Map, you can take a look at your own business. So, we've got Penny Earned LLC and this shows essentially each one of these circles is as if someone were in a specific location around Montgomery.

Doing the same Google search that we just took a look at. So, in this case, we would say "Okay! Alpha Springs Road, maybe there's a residence here that needs concrete work done!" And they go to Google to find a phone number to call. And on that list of numbers that Google gives them, Penny Earned LLC is number four on that list.

On the other hand, if we go across town here, we can get to a different kind of hyper-local area. Jasmine Hill Road and this residence over here has a very similar need. Does the exact same Google search. You could even do it word-for-word and Google. In this case on their list of numbers, Penny Earned LLC is number 12 on that list.

You can kind of see how there's a big difference between being just outside the map pack and being kind of buried on that second page and it has to do with how many eyeballs are getting to see your number. So, it's great to see 1's, 2's, and 3's because, you know? That you're up in the top tier of GMBs' and you're getting the vast majority of that 60 to 70% of traffic.

So that's a little bit about how you're doing around town and next I want to show you a little bit about how to take a look at and use this Heat Map to see who your top competitors are. So, for instance, if we click on that number four where you're just outside the map pack, we can kind of see 1, 2, 3, and 4.

We can kind of see how someone who is up, up above and in the map pack in this specific area where they're ranking all throughout the exact same location. So, I believe that was okay, so you can flip back and forth and write. Being able to move from being number 4 into number 3, 2, 1 can really make a big difference in the number of calls you get.

And, of course, you need to get calls before you can send out bids and you need to send out bids before you can close jobs, fulfill them, and provide for your employees, and provide for your family. Now, you might be wondering how Steady Calls fits in. We service your Google My Business Listing to remind Google who the concrete kings are in specific areas.

You can think of Google as a forgetful spouse that needs constant reminders. I often need texts or sticky notes to if I have something important coming up a lot of times. I don't care as much about social events. So, I need those consistent reminders before I take action and Google is the same way.

We leave sticky notes and send texts in these specific locations that point out your business to Google and just let them know "Hey! These are the guys to be looking out for!" So, I really appreciate the time. Please take a look at the Heat Map below and also schedule a call with myself, or my team, someone else from my team.

One note when you do open up your GMB Heat Map, this would be the box where you can kind of search for your own listing or specific other concrete contractors that are showing up in your region, alright? Thanks and have a great day!