Hi Performance Concrete,
In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, performance concrete!

Kyle of Steady Calls here.

I just wanted to send you this quick video to make sure that you were getting the maximum attention from Google as possible. In this video, we'll cover three things: how you show up in your normal Google My Business Listing and the importance it is to be in the top three there.

As well as, how you show up around town because one of the common myths is that if you should search for your company from your office and you show up as number one around town. Finally, I'll show you how the top competitor in the Space Choice Concrete shows up around Aurora.

First of all, this is how the normal Google My Business Listing comes about. It's a map with three listings there. And if you're not one of these three, you're missing out on 70% of the traffic. What that translates into is you're not going to go on that extra trip, you're going to watch.

In this case, choose concrete to get out there and go out and send his boys all on the extra trip to Cabo or even just just to New York or wherever they like to vacation while you guys are all sitting at home. The way this works is that you need to be in the top three to pop up. And, the way that you do that, you need to have your Google My Business Listing set up.

In such a way, it tells Google that you are the best in the space in that area where the people are searching from. But first, we got to know that you're not the number one in the space, right? So, here that we're looking at Performance Concrete, this is a special Heat Map tool, right? 

That it's integrated with Google. It pulls in Google My Business Listing data, as if you were searching from this part here. Let's say that you were searching out by Sugar Grove, right? Not that far away, but would you appear to Google or would you not?

Now, number eight means that you appear as one, 1, 2, and then, we're going to go to view all. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, so that you're searching out here. If you're searching from that location out by Sugar Grove that's where you would appear. Not many people are going to find you via Google Maps.

Because of that, most people just look at the first three that are here and then move on to the organic results. Now, is there anywhere in town that you show up for this? Yes! At the Northwest corner of town, you have a three. So you show up as the third one on the listing. You show up as this one here where Lincoln Way Concrete is, right?

Let's compare this to where Troy Concrete is. Now, notice how Troy Concrete has just about all number one. It's got a few number three and a few above on the North side, but overall, he's set up. In such a way, he's got the first listing in just about every location for a twelve and a half mile radius around Aurora.

That means, he's going to get exponentially more opportunities to quote more business, get out there and have his boys do more jobs than frankly you, guys. Because you're not being seen as the dominant people in this space because your listing isn't visible in 95% of these locations. That's how this works!

How does my company fit into this? We service your Google My Business Listing so that my Google knows that you're the state king of the area. Think of Google like your forgetful sister or wife and in my case, they're both pretty forgetful. You've got to continually remind Google of yourself.

Basically, that's how we cut where we come in. We paste sticky notes all over the area using your Google My Business Listing, reminding Google who the real concrete kings of Aurora, Illinois are. If you're interested in appearing more and getting to be able to quote more business, we offer that service. Please schedule a call below. I appreciate your time. Thank you!