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In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, Rammcco Concrete Construction!

Kyle of Steady Calls here!

Say, I just wanted to send you this quick video to make sure you're getting the maximum attention from your Google My Business Listing as possible. So, in this video, I'm going to show you three different things:

First of all, how you show up in your normal Google My Business Listing as you're used to seeing it. I just want to point out a few statistics there.

Secondly, I want to show you how you show up differently around town search on the when you're on the North side for your bit for "Concrete Companies Near Me" and you're going to show up differently than if you search from the South side of town.

Finally, I'm going to show you how you the difference of where you are showing up right now to where you could be showing up over the next short period of time.

So, let's get started!

If you search for "Concrete Companies Near Me," I had Broken Arrow, okay? Because I'm up in Iowa, right? So that you're gonna pull up something like this where you might have an ad up here and that's gonna take 5 to 10, 10, maybe 15% of the traffic, alright? You might have an ad right above here on your listings.

Again, that's gonna be in the part of the shared 5 to 15% of the traffic. Now, if you have a hundred percent of the traffic coming from this particular search, coming to this page, that leaves us with 85% at a minimum, right? So, 60 to 70 of that remaining traffic is going to go to this, though, to these three listings here.

The rest of it or the vast majority of the rest of it anywhere between 25 to 15 is going to come back down here to the what we call the organic results. Now, a small slice of that maybe 3 to 5% is going to come over here and click on the button. Because in web terms, it's a lot more difficult to tap or click on something than it is to open up than it is to keep scrolling, you know?

I don't know if you or your kids are on Instagram but you could say that this part, these three listings here are above the fold. They're going to get a lot more views than, yeah, than the all the details that are below the fold like these ones are. So that's the way this works, right? So, I just wanted to drop those statistics to you because and it's important to know where the traffic is going.

Let's move on to part number two here where we're going to see where you come up around town. Now, I want to introduce to you, this is a tool. It's called a Heat Map that one of my friends has been developing this for the past two years and it recently came out, okay? So, this is cutting edge technology that's pulling in from Google.

It's one of Google's trusted services. That's it's hard place to get a lot of requirements to meet to hit that but it pulls in location-specific information on your Google My Business Listing, right? So, this is based on your company. So, your company different listings are going to show up in different places, right?

You notice how that's different than if we go back to your company, go back to Rammcco here. This is how you guys are showing up as of five days ago, right? So, it's pretty recent, all things considered. So, the more green you have, let's explain the scale how this works. The more green you have, the better off your company is because that means that you're appearing above the fold.

You're getting your results 1 through 3. The yellow means you're, yeah, you're close but you're not quite there. The red means, red and orange mean that you're pretty much got no chance. The way this works business-wise, though is if you're green that means you're going to get you have a very high chance of getting the call.

If you're yellow, you have very low chance of getting the call. If you're red, you have virtually no chance of getting that call. I mean in my industry because the way it works is that you're on the second page here. Because this is page one technically and this is page two and insert in the search industry.

The joke is that you can hide a body on the second page because nobody goes there, you know? That's just the way it goes. But the more green you have, the more calls you're going to get. It's basically what I want to encourage you to take in this time. Because now that we know where you sit around town like this is location-specific.

So, if we looked at, let's go over here. This will be the most interesting. So, if you go up to Catoosa, you're gonna- you're not gonna show up very well, right? But if you go South about two and a half miles to the Lynn Lane Reservoir, you have a high chance of showing up because you're gonna be number one.

You have a high chance of getting the call. Versus, you have a low chance of getting the call up top here by Route 66 because you're coming up as result number 8. That's location-specific information. That's what that means. So, now, just for the last part of this video, I want to show you where you're the difference of where you are.

This is where you are now to where you could be. So, let's look at some of the competition here, right? So, Broken Arrow Concrete Construction is one of the more dominant players right now in the space. So, in the market share, they have a great deal of they're getting a great deal, more calls than your business is from your Google My Business Listing, right?

Because they have so much more green. That means they're appearing right on here about looks like about 8. I'd say about 80% of the time here because they got a lot. They got a good chunk of 4's and 5's. But 80% of the time here, they're show, they're coming up. So, they're getting a lot more calls than your listing is because you're-.

Right now, you're coming up 1, 2 times out of this is there's 81 sections here because it's a 9 by 9 grid. So, you're getting a lot less calls from your business. That from your business listing than you could be that way. So, because basically, how it translates into? The more green you have, the more calls you get.

The more calls you get, the more bids you're able to go out and do the more bids you go out and do the more you're the more jobs that you actually close. The more jobs you close and fulfill, the more you get paid and so that's how it works. So, ultimately, the more green that you have, the more you're able to the better you're able to take care of your employees and your family.

So that's how it ties into it if you will. So that's kind of where my company comes in is. How Steady Calls helps companies is that we service your Google My Business Listing so that Google comes to know you as the King of Broken Arrow concrete when somebody searches for "Concrete Services Near Me," and they're in Broken Arrow.

We'll make it that your name comes up. It takes a little bit of time but then we'll get there. I mean it's just like, you know? It takes time to get your sister, forgetful sister, or wife to pay attention when you ask them to do something, right? To stay at the top of their mind, you got to continually remind them of what you want to do by writing a sticky note, sending them a text.

I don't know what your level of technology is so that you use. But basically, that's what Steady Calls does with Google. We paste sticky notes or send text to Google from the different areas, reminding them that Rammcco Concrete Construction is the top concrete company in the space. So, yeah, if you're interested in learning more, I've included this map below.

So, you can play with it, around with it if you're going to look at the different things. Though, if your company is not showing up immediately, you can search for Rammcco here. So then, you're able to click on it that way or you can go look at Rammcco Concrete Construction designs. You can see where your competition's all coming up, too.

Because you're not the worst one in the space by any means but it's not. We're not looking back here, right? It doesn't matter if you're better than 5 others when you're worse than 3, 3 of them. If you're not in that top three spaces, you're not gonna get the call. You're not gonna get. You have very low chance of getting the calls.

That's how it really breaks down, you know? So that's how you're able to see around different ones but I appreciate your time. And If you want to learn more, we can, feel free to schedule call with my team below and we'll talk to you later!