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In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, Ready Mix USA!

Kyle with Steady Calls.

Say, I just wanted to drop you this quick video to make sure that you're getting the maximum attention from your Google My Business Listing as possible. In this video, I'll show you three different things:

First, the view of your Google My Business Listing as you're used to looking at it but I want to point out a few things there.

Secondly, I'll show you how the difference is how you show up around town. You don't show up in that is in the same place everywhere are the same. You don't show up as the first or second or third or however many there at everywhere around town. If you were to search for your place at your place of business versus your home, you're not going to show up in the same place so there's a difference.

Finally, I want to show you basically the difference of where you are to where you could be by showing you where the top concrete supplier, concrete service is in the in Birmingham versus where you guys are.

So, let's get started, alright?

Inside here, if you were to search for "Concrete Services Near Me," I add "Birmingham Alabama" because I'm up in Iowa, right? But this is the most common search phrase for people looking to have their foundation poured, looking to have their driveway, put in things like that. So then, it's then you're going to go down here and start rolling through the results, right?

They're going to get, statistically speaking, the ad is going to get anywhere between 5 to 15% of the traffic. So that leaves 85%, right? So, this is part of the 15. So then, you're going to get 60 to 70% of the vast majority of that. Last 85 is going to get the route ago is going to go to your top three Google My Business Listing, right?

And then, a good- the good chunk of the rest a little bit we're gonna have either between 15 to 30% less traffic it's going to go either to the organic results down here. And then, a small portion of it are going to click on the "View All." I'm going to move down go to look at all the concrete companies over here.

Let's see if we can find your company on this list here and we'll go from there. So, let's see if Ready makes it. Ready Mix USA is coming up here, okay? So, now, it's showing up in this search but you do show up in another search. So, let's move on to go number two. So, let's see how you show up around town, right?

Ready Mix USA and I'm- it comes up here. This is a Heat Map. What it does is it integrates with Google and directly it's one of Google's trusted services. Now, how this works is you can think about this like a stoplight, you know? Red, we all hate that, you know? Because we all. It stops. It's an inconvenience.

It takes 5, 10 minutes for the light to do its thing and then we can finally get on our way, right? Yellow means you might be able to squeak by but you're not gonna get. You're probably gonna end up stopping, you know? And green means we're all good, right? We like don't- we all like that because we can continue to get on our way fastest, right?

We cannot stop at all. And to show you that, I'm not yanking your chain with this is that pulls the direct results in there. It's live, so we're going to go to a different listing here. Notice how all the numbers changed and the colors changed. So that's how this all. It is direct live. It's not a live feed but it's- I can run it every few days and it pops up like this is from five days ago.

It's pretty recent, all things considered. So, the way this works is that, similarly, the more it's the green is the symbolizes how many calls your business is getting from people looking to have their concrete work done. So, if they want the driveway, or foundation board, or whatever other concrete services they're doing, whether it's retaining wall or what not.

The more green you have, the more calls you're going to get. Now, though, yellow, you're going to might get that call but you probably won't because you're about you're below the fold, right? So, the way that translates is if your result 1 or 1 through 3, you're going to show up, right? Because you're going to show up as result 1 or 3 here, right?

1, 2, and 3 but anything below that you're not going to appear. They have to go here and there's a small slice of traffic. That's the way that comes down here that you have to- that you'll be relying on now. Versus, if you're and if your number, if you're an orange or red, there's very little chances you're gonna hit.

They're gonna have to go beyond the fold or go to beyond and go to even more and more pages of results there. 20, either, symbolizes you're at this at the beginning of the third page or you're beyond that. So, we don't go beyond that as far as results go. Because it's frankly, if you're that far back, you're irrelevant as far as search goes, right?

Now, let's- I told you number three would be the difference of where you are to where you could be. So, let's pull up a business that's doing that's due. That's one of the better listings in this in the space in Birmingham Alabama. So, this is American Concrete Foundations and Walls is. What they're doing? What they're doing?

They do have some red but they're ultimately taking up a lot more market share this way. Whereas, where, whereas, you guys are not so what this? What Google search does here? I got to make sure I explain all this fully is that this map. What this map listing does? It pulls in the search as you- if you were searching from this various location, right?

If you're searching from Hoover, you would. If they're searching on the searching on the West side of Hoover towards the Golf Trail, they're- you've got a higher chance of coming up. Then, if you're- if they're over by the Highway 65, then you're done. Then, you're gonna pull up here below the fold. So, it's very location-based as far as your search goes but there's ways to improve it so and that's where my company comes in.

How Steady Calls helps is that we service your Google My Business Listing so that Google comes to know you as the king of the space, the King of Birmingham Alabama. When it comes to supplying concrete to people, you get known as the king of supplying concrete. So, think of this as like you got to think of Google like your forgetful sister, or wife, or maybe, daughter.

I don't know but I got a forgetful wife and a forgetful sister. So, I'll use that example. But to stay at the top of their mind, you got to continually remind them of what you wanted them to do. You got to continually tell them about your chores if they're your daughter, you know? Or, get off your phone during dinner or something.

Similarly, that's what Steady Calls does with Google. We paste sticky notes all over the area, all over Birmingham to let people to let Google know that you are the king. That Ready Mix USA is the king of that area. The king of Birmingham area there. We use your Google My Business Listing for that.

I've also attached this map below to the web page there. If your business isn't showing up immediately, just search for it here. Just go to Ready Mix and you all pop up there, right? And then, I've also applied for included a place where you can schedule a call with my team. I appreciate your time. Thank you, bye!