Hi Shelby Concrete,
In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, Shelby Concrete!

This is Eric with Steady Calls. 

I wanted to shoot this quick video to make sure that you're maximizing your Google My Business Listing opportunities. I'm going to have three sections:

The first is a standard Google search where we'll take a look at how your listing shows up typically.

Then, we'll take a look at how that business search result can change depending on where you are around town.

And then, we'll look at how your competition is showing up around Montgomery.

This is a pretty standard Google search. I've put in "Concrete Services Near Montgomery Alabama" above. If there are any ads, they'll be above this map in this section. These ads get about 5 to 15% of the traffic and you can essentially think of traffic as people who are getting their eyeballs on your phone number similar to foot traffic passing your truck or your storefront.

This would be web traffic. So, 15 goes to ads. 60 to 70% goes to this map pack. This is where the Google My Business Listings show up. And then, below the map pack, we have organic search results that get about 20 to 30% what's left of that traffic. I do want to talk mostly about GMBs'.

These are the top three Google My Business Listings and Google really makes it easy with the phone number right there for people who are passing by scrolling through to put in a call to these concrete contractors. If you're scrolling on a mobile device often, there's a button there where you can connect your phone directly to the direct line for these companies.

These three are what I call being above the fold. If you hit this "View All," you'll get access to the full list and these would be companies that are below the fold. Similar to if you're reading a lot of letters, you're really only going to read the text that you can see. And then, you're going to make a decision whether or not you're going to open up that letter.

So that decision means that you're going to be reading what's above the fold and then you're deciding whether or not to read what's below the fold. So, these companies are kind of overlooked a lot of the time if someone gets the information that they need from these top three Google My Business Listings.

So that's a standard Google search. This is a special tool called a Heat Map. Not sure, if you've seen this before. I actually just got to meet the gentleman who's been developing this over the last two years this past fall. But what this does is it's a locational grid that represents how your Google My Business Listing shows up all throughout this area.

To explain that further, I'm going to zoom in on one circle. And here, you can kind of see that this is a geographical location around Montgomery. So, if you were at in living in Westview Gardens and did that Google search that we just took a look at on your list of phone numbers, that Google pushes out Shelby Concrete is number 3 on that list.

So that's what the letter in the center of this circle means, and then the color indicates how close you are to being number one. So, if we zoom in on a different area, if you were living in Green Acres, you could do the exact same word-for-word Google search and get a completely different list of phone numbers from Google.

And on that list, Shelby Concrete is number 15. So, you can kind of see that being 3 versus being 15 even across the span of a couple miles, this is probably about 6 to 7 miles away can make a big difference in the number of eyeballs on your phone number, which, of course, translates in more calls.

More or less calls, which you need to take the phone call before you can send out a bid, get the job, and ultimately grow your income, support your employees, and support your family. So, this is a great way to see a bird's-eye view of how you're doing all throughout town when it comes to Google My Business Listings.

Next, I'd like to show you a sample Heat Map from a different company, and this kind of shows you a vision of where you can take this in the future. If you remember that 3 to 4 cut-off is kind of where you go from being above the fold with 1, 2, or 3 on the list to being below the fold with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

But of course, even if you're below the fold, there's a great drop off in traffic. But you're also still on that first page and you're not really getting pushed into the second, third page of a Google My Business List like we were kind of taking a look at. Where you, if you keep going down this list, if you're buried on page four, it's a lot harder to get that phone number in front of whoever needs to see it.

You might be wondering how Steady Calls fits in with this. What we do is we service your Google, Google My Business Listing to remind Google who the concrete kings are in a specific area. You can think of Google as a forgetful spouse that needs consistent reminders. I'm not the best with social events even back when we were still doing those.

Oftentimes, I need a couple different reminders whether it's a text or a sticky note dropped-off at the office. Just something to keep that event on top of my mind, make sure I'm RSVP, and so on, and Google's the same way. If we think back to these specific areas, Google needs those consistent reminders of who the kings of these specific areas are and that's what Steady Calls does.

I really appreciate the time that you're taking watching this video. Please take a look at this Heat Map that's linked below the video and you can check this out yourself play with some of the features. If you click on one of these circles, you can kind of get that full list and also switch from one Heat Map to a different like I was showing you with the sample Heat Map.

If you don't find your own company, you can kind of search on this list and flip that Heat Map that way as well. Also, there's a link to a calendar where you can schedule a time for a call with myself or someone else on my team if you'd like to do that as well. Thanks so much for your time!