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Hey, what's up, Sioux Falls Concrete Contractor!

Kyle with Steady Calls here. 

Say, I just wanted to send you this quick video to make sure you're getting the maximum attention from your Google My Business Listing as possible. So, in this video, I'm going to show you a few different things:

First, the view of your Google My Business Listing as you normally see it, okay? So, basically this I'm going to add some statistics with, okay?

Then, I'm going to show you how your company shows up around town using a special Heat Map tool. So, this one here like that. That's how that's going to work.

Finally, I'm going to show you basically one thing you can do to make your Google My Business Listing better, okay? Then, I don't find, then we'll that'll go from there, alright?

Let's get started!

On this page here, you've got your normal Google My Business Listing section we've got. We're searching for "Concrete Services" and there's two falls. So, inside here, you've got on the ad that's gonna get 5 to 15% of the traffic, right? People look when I say traffic, I mean people looking for concrete services.

People looking to pull money out of their wallets and put it into their driveways, patios, retaining walls, anything like that, right? 5 to 15 is going to go to the ads, then the rest of it, a good chunk of the rest of it anyway, 60 to 70%. So, now, we're at 85%, 95, or 85, 60, yeah, whatever. Anyway, so inside here, you've got 5, 15 going to the ads.

You've got 60 to 705 of the traffic is going to go to these three listings here. So then, people when they get here, they're going to go do an Amazon Analysis. That's what I call it. Anyway, you can call what you want. But they're going to look at "Okay! This guy's Naatjes Concrete got to got 2.8 reviews, TNT Concrete's got no reviews, and Northwest Concrete Cutting and Crane Service has 5, 6, or 6, 5-star reviews, Krump Concrete, see?"

This is where the ad might be a little bit more convincing when they conquer when the ad actually has reviews behind it. Because that way, they've got actually more reviews but they're not quite as they're not five-stars. So that's the difference between the two. So, it'll be between these two guys will get a lot of the traffic going there down that way.

So then, the rest of the traffic will go down here and look for their look for the ones under what we call the organic results or the normal search results that come up, so alright? So that's the that's how those are the that's kind of the breakdown between the two. 5 to 15 is going to go to the ads, generally speaking, whether or not it has a review on it.

Since it has a review, it might get a little bit more but now it's done. But then, 60 to 70% is going to go to the normal Google My Business Listings. The general reason for that is because they're more trusted when some it seems to be that. I've done a lot of analysis into this over the last few years and it's been that.

The ad tends to just cue people that "Hey! Somebody bought their position here tends to get rid of some of the traffic going to it versus, Northwest Concrete Cutting and Crane." Since they've got reviews and they've got the positioning, they're showing up in the third and the listing number 1, 2, and 3 the top three here.

That means they've kind of earned the position a little more that seems to be. Though, maybe unconscious logic of the searchers but that seems to be the truth. So that's how this works here but then let's look at how businesses show up across town using an example listing here. So, Siouxland K & K Concrete has pursue land crane concrete there, just Sioux Falls and assume the rest.

They've got a lot of positioning while out here in Northwest Iowa. But once you get over here and North expand a little bit past the South Dakota border. But once you get into the Sioux Falls Proper, especially when they hit in the South side, that's when they start to lose it. So, well, how this can be interpreted? Easily is like a stoplight, okay?

First of all, you get your business going when you're growing green, right? So, we all like green because that enables us to get where we're going faster, right? Otherwise, with yellow, we're going to have some delay probably and with red and orange, you're going to have to stop or you might be able to proceed with caution there.

What this means though is green is symbolizes your listing is 1 to 3 that has the top positioning here. Top positioning means that you're going to gather 60 to 70% or a third of the traffic going through here. So, of the people looking to have their concrete work done. So that's well, that's what this means overall, right?

This is just an example. This is one listing just to use an example. So, they're positioned well for the about the diagonally Southeast half if you will-. I mean they start to lose out in Lennox, too. So, end up in Valley Springs. So but, they're positioned welfare out here for the rural jobs but they're not getting many from the Sioux Falls Proper and especially not out by Hartford or Crooks.

So that's where there's a lot of they've got a lot more light room to grow. Would be the better way to put it there. So then, I want to show you one way to grow your listing, okay? So, here's a tool called Geoimgr, okay? So, you're gonna start, just search Geoimgr and then in Google and it'll pop up, okay? So, the way to use this or let's go to here before we go to what how to use it.

Let's go to why. Why you would use this is because what this enables you to do is tag your images. So, let's go out from here and we're going to zoom in on Sioux Falls, okay? So, we're going to go up here towards Northwest Iowa on the four-bit corner right there, it is okay. So, we're gonna go back over to here and then we're in Sioux Falls, okay?

So then, inside here, say our Google My Business Listing. Let's look back at our Google My Business Listing here and say "Okay! We're gonna start to want to expand our business into the heart of Sioux Falls!" So, let's say we want to take over, let's zoom in a little more. Let's say we want to take over the intersection between Minnesota and 42 or what is 42?

I don't know that's highway, I think that's 12 coming in here, it's 12 or 11, something there. So, we're going to take over the Minnesota versus 12 and 12 there, so Highway 115, right? So, let's go into here and let's go over to Geotag and we're going to go into Highway 15 and Highway 12, okay? So then, we're going to be out to be in here and we want to take over the hardest Sioux Falls.

We're going to click on that and what that's going to do for us is that's going to put us input, give us the latitude and longitude of that specific coordinates within side of within the inside of Sioux Falls, right? So then, we'll we've uploaded. Next, we got to upload an image. So, we're going to upload an image, I already did.

We're good to go there. So, this is a concrete job that I hope they're not done with because it's not smooth, yet. We'll put it that way kind of nice out. You know it's not finished. But once you upload an image, you're going to put in. You're going to see that the Geo, the existing Geotags are different than the new Geotags or either that or the existing will be blank 1 of the 2 that's.

Then, you want to make them the same by clicking "Write EXIF Tags," right? So, it'll come the same, so the photo is tagged, right? So then, 4354, 4354, those are guys are all set up. Then, we want to add "Concrete" to this. As long as you have the word "Concrete" in there, I'm not going to come after you, okay?

But I'll tell you why in a minute, alright? So then, you're going to go in and add more description. So, you poured a patio so you're going to put in patio, right? So, you put in patio, and then you're going to add a link to your website in there because that'll only help you, okay? If you don't have a website, throw your link to your Google My Business in there.

As I said, it'll only help you. Then, you're going to download this and upload it to your Google My Business Profile, Google My Business Listing, however, you want to talk about it, you know? And then, so what then Google's going to come along and scan that image on your Google My Business Listing and they're going to read the coordinates on the back.

They're going to say "Hey! Hey! Wait a minute, wait a minute! Something happened over here! Something happened to the heart of Sioux Falls corner of 12th Street in Minnesota, alright? Something went on there!" And then, they're gonna go over to the other spot here, right? Then, they're gonna go down to document name freshly poured concrete.

"Okay! Somebody poured concrete over here! Somebody poured concrete, then we've got to figure out who!" Oh well, since it's in this guy's listing, this guy's must be it, you know? Since it's in Siouxland K & K listing or whoever it is listing, that's who it is. That's how the search engine works. So, now, let's dive into what.

So that's just one technique, okay? There's a million techniques to use when it comes to these kinds of things but that's what my company specializes in Steady Calls, alright? So, let's dive into this, okay? How Steady Calls helps companies is that we service your Google My Business Listing so that Google is able to come to know you as the King of Sioux Falls concrete, alright?

You got to think of Google here like your forgetful sister or wife. And/or in my case, they're both kind of forgetful. So, to stay at the top of their mind, you got to continually remind them of what you want them to do, right? You got to like text them continue "Hey! Take the garbage out, would you?" For crying out loud or empty the dishwasher.

I don't know, that's how I talked to my daughter but I wouldn't talk to my wife that way. But anyway, because I want to stay in her good graces, you know why? But anyway, basically that's what Steady Calls does with Google as we paste sticky notes or reminders everywhere reminding Google of who the real concrete kings in Sioux Falls, South Dakota are, right?

So, I really appreciate your time watching this and everything. So, please check out the attached Heat Map below this one I think, or go to our website and find it that way as well. Or, you can drop us a line, we'll run this Heat Map for you, and then you can see exactly your positionings in your company. So, I hope, thanks again for watching. I really appreciate your time and have a great day!