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In this short-n-sweet video, you'll learn the level of your Google My Business game faster than you could smooth a driveway with a power screed. 

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Hey, Trey!

Kyle with Steady Calls here.

I wanted to drop you this quick video make sure you're getting the maximum attention from your Google My Business Listing as possible. In this video, I'll show you three different things:

First of all, how you normally show up in your Google My Business Listing. I'll show you a few different things there.

As well as, how you show up around town in Baton Rouge. So, I want to clear up a common misconception about have that, If you're at the place where you're registered your Google My Business your shop, or your office, wherever that it's know, that how you show up on there when you look it up versus how you show up elsewhere on town is not the same. So, it's important to know that difference there. 

And then, I want to show you how basically how my company can help yours by showing you where you are now to where you could be by comparing you to the most optimized listing in business Google My Business Listing in the city.

So, let's get started!

Here, if you search for "Concrete Companies Near Me," I had "Baton Rouge, Louisiana" because I'm up in Iowa but you'll see in you'll see an ad here and then you'll see more of what I would consider. What I see as the trustworthy side and I believe most people who are looking for concrete don't go for ads as much as they see.

If they don't have an ad next to them versus do have an ad, they'll pick the one that doesn't because it's more trustworthy. You don't, they didn't just buy their way to the top, you know? So, what, so this is the more trustworthy section. Then, what happens is if once if you break out the statistics from Google, you've got 70% of the traffic goes to these three listings.

Here, 70% of people looking to have their driveway port people looking to have their concrete foundation laid out. You can go- we'll go to these ones here first and 30 will go down to these other organic results here. But in this video, I'm just going to focus on these ones. So, if you're not here, then you're not going to get noticed.

As much like an example that I like to use is Instagram. Either you or your kids have Instagram more than likely. So, anything below the fold on Instagram. It unless basically anything that shows up without you clicking on. It gets noticed a lot more than the stuff. Then, the information below the book that you have to click on to see because it's easier to scroll than it is to click or tap in that sense.

You can get noticed this way but you're not that. Statistically, it's not very likely to happen. So, we're looking for your company here. So, let's see! As you know, which page you're on here if we look for Trey? Yeah! Do you see how far back we have to go on the listing page to see what we can find here?

Yeah! Most people aren't going to go past the first page and I went up to the 5th and you still didn't see you in the list of concrete. So that's kind of how things get to when we don't optimize listing as much. So, let me show you this here. This is one of the tools that I use to that helps examine where things show up throughout the city.

So, this is basically if you think of a stoplight. When you look at this green is go, it's good. We all like that. We don't like having to stop at the stop sign or stop. Like yellow is kind of "Hey, caution!" You know you might be able to proceed, you might not. And then, red, orange is more like "Hey! You got to stop!"

You know we don't like that. So that's kind of where this is at at this point. So green, you're coming. You're appearing really well down here and what. As you go North and as you go East, your listing loses a lot of its power. It's because it doesn't come up after a- it doesn't come up in the first three results here.

As you can see, it's 6, 7, 8, 10. And then, 20 means either it's result 20 or it's beyond 20. So, you might go in. I have the result or have this map integrated below. So, you can either schedule a call below or you can look at the map, either way, but this is how a lot of things. This is how it's laid out so you can see that you're pretty close up here.

This would take a small push and you'd be up there from our end of things. Or, you and over here would take a little more work because you're farther back, right? So that just makes sense. So then, let's look at where you could be. This is where you are. So, let's look at where you could be. So, if you look at where you could be, this is Best Concrete Service.

And ironically, it's the best listing that I could find inside the City of Baton Rouge for that. That's the most optimized listing for it. It's the people that have invested the most in it. So that's how this works. So, this is how. These ones are all green and the only two yellow here are 4 and 5 so down here.

And then, but what this means is that these the Best Concrete Service is getting a lot of the calls. A lot of the people wanting to have their concrete job bid and get estimates and different things like that. That enable you to close more business and ultimately bring more revenue. So, you can take the kids on vacation.

You can send your team on a vacation. So, they can enjoy life more. So that's how that all fits together but that's how these people. This Best Concrete Service is getting a lot more of the calls because they're all green. Because they're all appearing before the fold. Before the fold up here, they're not stuck down here below on the view all sector.

How does my company fit into this? Well, we help companies. Steady Calls helps companies by servicing their Google My Business Listing. So that Google become gets more familiar with you as the king of concrete in Baton Rouge. So, think of Google as your forgetful sister or wife. My both my sister and my wife are forgetful.

To stay at the top of their mind, you got to continually remind them of what you want to do. You got to put sticky notes everywhere, right? With the tasks that you want to do. Take out the garbage or I don't know, dude. I don't know. I have a hard time telling my wife to check out the garbage but my sister wouldn't have problem.

So but basically, that's what Steady Calls does with Google. We put sticky notes everywhere all over the area using your Google My Business Listing. Reminding Google that the concrete kings are over here. Trey Stained Concrete's the best concrete provider in Baton Rouge. So, I'll leave you with that, man. Feel free to look at the map below again and schedule a call if you're interested. Thank you, bye!